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Learn How to Verify Your Identity with Betway’s FICA System and Collect Your Winnings We recommend you FICA your Betway account as soon as possible after joining up, since Quick Verification is an essential part of the registration procedure. You may withdraw your winnings from your Betway account following a wager if you provide or upload the necessary documentation to complete the 토토사이트.

Find out more about FICA, how to submit your papers to Betway, and helpful hints if you’re having trouble with the verification procedure by reading on below.

When and why is FICA used?

Betway, like all other online bookmakers in South Africa, must follow the standards for user registration and identification as outlined in the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 2001 (“FICA”).

If you do not provide Betway with the necessary FICA documentation, you will not be able to withdraw any monies from your account.

You may fund your Betway account and make wagers without submitting any documentation, but you won’t be able to withdraw any funds from your account 토토사이트. Instructions for completing the FICA verification process for your Betway account may be found below. Which kind of documentation are necessary for FICA?

Proof of identification and proof of residence are needed to complete the FICA process for your Betway account. Betway does not need you to provide any original documentation in order to FICA your account.

Just snap a good picture of the papers using your phone or scan them onto your computer. The next step is to submit your FICA paperwork by uploading it 

Getting your FICA paperwork into Betway.

Visit the Betway website and sign in.

open the menu by clicking the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen.

 Choose “Document Upload” down below.

Select a file to upload under the “ID Document” section and fill out the required fields to verify your identity.

5 Choose “Other” and then “Pick File” to submit at least one document verifying your address by clicking the button

A confirmation email will be sent to you after your FICA papers on Betway have been confirmed, which might take up to 48 hours.

 After your identity has been confirmed, you may withdraw funds from your Betway account.

If you are using a Smart Card ID or Driver’s License to deposit with Betway, both sides of the card must be uploaded or sent.

One’s name on their ID must match the name on their proof of residence.

For your Betway account to be activated, you must use the same name and address that you used to register with Betway.

An effective date must be included on the paperwork proving your current residence.

Your home address must be included on your official form of identification (Postal address not acceptable).

Each and every one of your official papers, including your picture, must be in crisp focus. Retake the shot in brighter lighting if necessary to make out any illegible details.

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