What are the Different Types of Cycles?

What are the Different Types of Cycles

From furniture, table on rent, or to even bicycles, today, rental services have become really popular in India. This blog is the ultimate guide for you if you are searching for the various types of cycles bought across India. We have attempted to cover the features of each bicycle along with their common uses. The main goal is to help you select the ideal type for your personality.

In the below section we have discussed in brief the different types of bicycles for anyone who wish to opt for cycles on rent in Pune or any other major city across India.

Common Cycle Types

Here we have enlisted the few cycles that everyone has probably seen in the streets of Pune:

  • Mountain bicycles

Mountain bicycles are popularly referred to as MTBs. These are built in a way so that they can sustain riding sessions over any sort of terrain. The rider can easily hover over dirt tracks, bumps, gravel roads, and downhill using these cycles. They come with a handful of features.

MTBs have wider tires. This is a compulsory inclusion to prevent accidents that can occur quite easily on harsh tracks. Mountain bicycles are also equipped with premium quality suspension mechanisms. Generally, they have a lower gear ratio, a feature that is ideal for riding over steep, undulating terrain. To suit their fundamental purpose these cycles are developed to be very durable. Thus users will find these as much heavier compared to other cycles in the same rate range.

  • Road bicycles

Road bicycles or racing bicycles are designed to be used on paved roads. They can reach a very high speed in a short period. The rider usually bends low while riding these cycles; this reduces the air resistance causing a swift cycling experience.

The tires in these cycles are indistinguishably narrow. The scientific reason behind such a design is to ensure that there occurs minimum friction. As cyclists look forward to achieving high speeds in this kind of cycle, they come with high gears. To encourage the rider to bend lower, the handles of the cycle are bent accordingly. These two-wheelers are lightweight.

  • Hybrid bicycles

There is a third commonly used type – hybrid cycles. Its features are a mixture of road and mountain bicycles. There are subcategories of hybrid cycles, among which we often end up buying city/commuter cycles (very common) and comfort cycles. Commuter bicycles help us to reach offices, colleges, schools, and shops and are durable for a long. Comfort cycles are meant for short-range travel, for example, a leisure ride across the locality block or park, etc.

Also, there are cycles designed for kids and women that differ in design from unisex cycles. There are also tricycles for beginners who have just started to learn how they can ride a bicycle.

The Table for Bicycles in Pune

In the table below we have provided the rental price listings for various time periods –

Cycle type Monthly rate Weekly rate Daily rate
MTB (BTwin RockRider) ₹2200 ₹1200 ₹299
18-21 Gear cycle (Mid Range) ₹3099 ₹1599 ₹389
Hybrid cycle (BTwin Premium) ₹2299 ₹1299 ₹299
Racing Bike (Suncross) ₹3000 ₹1499 ₹350
18-21 Gear Cycle (High range) ₹3399 ₹1899 ₹449


From the blog, we have understood that the choice of the cycle depends on several factors that vary from the purpose of renting to age, budget, duration of requirement, etc. Cycles are very convenient for all who need to commute within the city at an affordable price.

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