Video poker is a significant outlier on Major Playground Toto


In addition, we will briefly explain the메이저놀이터 concept of a payback % for you in case you still need to become familiar with it. The expected return for a certain hand can be calculated by taking the likelihood of receiving that hand and multiplying it by the amount of money that hand pays out. An overall expected return for the game can be calculated by adding together the expected returns for each of the available hands in the game.


This total return that is predicted is also메이저놀이터 referred to as the payback %. The amount you win back on each hand will ultimately resemble the expected return if you play a sufficient number of hands and go through a sufficient number of iterations. Because to the fact that this is expressed as a percentage, you can consider any game with a payback percentage that is less than 100% to be biased in favor of the casino.


Video poker is a significant outlier among casino games because it does not favor the house. But, to our knowledge, no varieties of Ultimate Aces provide the player with an advantage over the casino.

When it comes to gameplay, the strategies used for the original game can just as easily be applied to Ultimate Aces. Because the multiplier in Ultimate Aces Double Double Bonus is merely a bonus on top of the standard payoff, making any adjustments to your strategy is unnecessary to take advantage of it. In other words, if you play this game, you do not need to change your strategy based on the multiplier. It would be necessary to adjust your approach quite a bit if you had to hold on to an ace to qualify for the multiplier, but thankfully, this is not the case.

On our website’s page dedicated to each game, you’ll find the specific strategy that should be used for that game. The techniques for video poker are nearly always offered in the form of a hierarchy of hands. You retain the hands that are higher on the list, drawing more cards to improve them if necessary.

Is it Possible to Play Online?

IGT, the company responsible for the production of this game, claims that Ultimate Aces can only be played offline. But, offers a free version of the game, which you can participate in by visiting their website. But, it is not possible to win actual money by playing it.

More information regarding Ultimate Aces can be found as follows:

  • Depending on whose version of the game you choose, the payback percentage might range anywhere from 96.36% to 98.47%.
  • The maximum amount of credits that can be won in the jackpot is 120,000.
  • The game does not have the potential to participate in tournaments and does not have a progressive jackpot.
  • The following denominations are typically available for play when playing Ultimate Aces: 25 cents, 50 cents, or $1.


Ultimate Aces is a fun video poker game that is ideal for those who have bankrolls that are quite substantial. Because you spend as little as $7.50 every hand and as much as $30 per hand, your bankroll could be depleted in a relatively short time if you play at this level.

The payback percentages for this game are slightly better than the payback percentages for the games on which it is based, although there are games with better odds that you can play. But this is a fun twist that you should try out sometime. It’s a shame there isn’t an online version that can be played with real money to choose from.

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