Vastu: The Key to Balancing

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Yes, you read it right. Vastu is an ancient practice of Indian architecture. Vastu means balancing the five elements of life—air, water, fire, earth, and space. A proper balance between them helps in bringing peace and prosperity to life. An ordinary person doesn’t know Vastu, but a Vastu consultant does. Vastu shastra has become a prerequisite for any construction. A Vastu consultant near me is the option we look for before beginning a new project.

What is Vastu?

“Vastu” is a Sanskrit word for “to live or dwell”. Our forefathers had a particular place devoted to every item in the house. Like there was a direction to the temple site, the kitchen, and likewise. Vastu consultants did this task.

Vastu consultant

He is someone who can analyse the structure of any building, such as a house, office, or factory. He is direction-specific and guides the best places for energy flow. What has to be placed where his primary task is? If home Vastu is done correctly, it helps bring happiness, luck, and charm.

With his years of experience, the Vastu expert can significantly help bring positive energies into the house and keep the negative ones at bay. The Vastu is planned after correlation with the foundation of the land and directions.

In the world of digitalization, we can also get Vastu consultants online as per our needs and choice.

How is Vastu done?

There are four primary directions. North, east, west, and south. All the calculations in Vastu are based on these four majors and their sub-directions. The Northeast direction is emphasised by all Vastu consultants, whether online or on-site, regardless of their consultation mode. It is the best Vastu direction for them. It is the zone of Lord Shiva, representing divinity.

The Vastu expert analyses the needs and offers the best guidance.

A proper Vastu works by rearranging the space following directions to bring abundance. The law of rules has the power and ability to transform lives from the worst to the best and vice-versa.

Online Vastu consultant

Online is not a new word in the world of Vastu now. With globalisation, every service has reached a global audience. So is Vastu. Today, Vastu experts are available both online and on-site. For online consultation, they just need a scaled floor plan, a direction guide, and the birth details of the owner for astrological calculations. The Vastu consultant doesn’t have to visit the site whenever you want to learn how to navigate.

Vastu for the home

A new feature added during construction is the study of the Vastu of that place. Home Vastu has come up as a significant field of study. It’s a detailed study about directions and removing negative vibes from a particular site. Balance is a must-have harmony in life.

For a house to become a happy home, it has to have a positive energy flow. These energies come from the entrance. For that matter, the first and foremost concern of the best Vastu experts is the entrance of a house. Depending upon the calculations, they draw a plan of all the places. For example, they wish to keep the entrance door bigger than all the other doors. It should also be facing inwards so that the engine can come in.

As per home Vastu, the kitchen should be in the southeast direction. It is said to be the direction of Agni, the lord of fire. The southwest direction is thought to be auspicious for wealth. Vastu consultants always stress the importance of keeping the home space clutter-free. Everything around us responds in positive or negative ways.

Importance of Vastu

Vastu, like everything else, has advantages and disadvantages. Home Vastu, if not done correctly, can lead to hardships and fights in life and may lead to crisis conditions. On the other hand, it brings humans close to nature. A balance must be maintained between all the elements for peace and harmony.

Many online and offline courses are also available in the field of Vastu. One can become a Vastu expert with the help of these professional courses. We may not notice the immediate effects of Vastu, but everything comes to us gradually. All the energies work in their ways. We can improve our relationships if we have the best Vastu experts. The Vaastu tips can help in bringing happiness, harmony, peace, and wealth. Sometimes our efforts go unrewarded, but with Vastu remedies, one can do wonders. Vastu can help you attain success everywhere.

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