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Your gig bag is just as essential to your music career as the instrument it carries, with all its memories and fundamental equipment. It’s tough enough to withstand any amount of scuffing or cramming into a car taking you from one performance venue to the next. But there are far too many similar-looking bags out there; if ever you’re going on tour for miles away from home, then it becomes even more important that you can keep an eye on your guitar at every moment. Direct your imaginative power towards customizing your bag so that you can quickly spot it when next on tour, instead of rummaging through the darkness backstage.

Decorating With Pins and Patches

Revive the nostalgia associated with your bag by affixing those beloved button pins that you have been holding onto for years! Whether it is a favorite cartoon character, band logo, or something more offbeat and unique to you, having these adornments on display can create an instant conversation starter. So go ahead and spread out the collection of buttons from their dusty jar – they deserve to be seen again after all this time.

For simple and creative ways to upgrade your gig bag, why not seek out a Hot Topic at the local mall for some music-inspired pins? Or better yet, transform those old guitar picks with special meanings into unique buttons! All you need is an hour of time and a few basic supplies – like lapel pins and hot glue. Once you carefully secure the back of the pin onto your pick with some adhesive, voila! You have yourself a one-of-a-kind accessory that will last through all your gigs.

Add Iron On Patches

Patches are back in style – and they aren’t just for jackets anymore! Iron-on patches make a perfect addition to your bag, with the bonus of durability. Score double points if you promote your own band by wearing its patch! After all, extra advertising never hurt anyone.

For those seeking to personalize their wardrobe, the craft store is an ideal destination. But for a more unique experience, you should explore the diverse selection of military patches in your local Army Surplus store or simply repurpose old ones from second-hand stores and upcycle them with a seam ripper, hot glue, or safety pins. The possibilities are endless! If you’re feeling creative, why not make your own patches or appliques with printable iron on transfer paper? You could design them with your initials, a band name, or even the name of your first guitar (we named ours too!). The possibilities for unique designs are endless.

If you need to customize your own iron-on patches, The Studio is the place for you. To guarantee that your hard case won’t be damaged, stay away from the heat of an iron and use safety pins instead! Going for a punk rock look? Mix it up with multi-colored pins like these ones. But if yours happens to be one of those hard shell cases in which poking holes isn’t feasible, hot glue could be the answer – simple yet effective.

Ladies, It’s Time to Give Your Gig Bag a Makeover

Hey girl, it’s time to upgrade your gig bag and make it stand out! With a hot glue gun and some creativity, you can transform your plain old bag into something special. Why not cover the outside with beautiful Bohemian chic fabric? Or add an elegant touch of gold foil lace trimming for a ladylike vibe? If that doesn’t quite fit your style, try repurposing materials from old clothes for a retro look. And if you aren’t ready to commit just yet – why not simply line the straps with velvet or chain trimmings for an added bit of personality and girl power?

Unleash your creative side and turn those unused nail gems into some fabulous accessories for your bag! You can find stencils for fabric at any craft store or online. Don’t forget to grab the fabric spray paint or a glitter spray as well, so you can add some glitz and glamor to your gig bag. Keep in mind: Make sure you are using all glues and sprays in an area that is properly ventilated, such as a garage or backyard. Don’t forget that your bag’s strap has been loyal to you through thick and thin.

Give it a makeover with some dazzling sequins! Check out this helpful guide from Studio Kat for instructions on how to do so, or if you need more ideas then head over to Pinterest for plenty of inspiration.

Guys, You Can Give Your Gig Bag a Boost Too!

Guys, you don’t need to feel restricted when it comes to crafting! With just a few tips and tricks, you can get creative. If glitter isn’t really your style, we’ve got the perfect idea for you: grab plenty of glow-in-the-dark fabric paint and create an awesome graffiti-style design on your bag. This way, no one will ever lose track of it backstage again! And if that’s not enough for you – add some trim with glow-in-the-dark effects like they do in Tron movies – that’ll take your craftiness up a notch.

Music can be a powerful tool to help you explore yourself and make meaningful discoveries. If there is one particular song that resonates with you, take inspiration from its lyrics or sheet music to create your own custom stencils using white fabric paint! By following the steps in this easy DIY guide, you too can produce a unique spray-painted masterpiece of your very own. Plus, it’s simple enough for anyone – just find the perfect shade of paint either online or at any hobby shop near you.

Stand out from the crowd with an engraved metal plate! If you have no tools, it’s a great opportunity to invest in some – you can purchase a Dremel kit and start practicing on practice plates. It can be as simple or intricate as you like – this How To guide by Dremel will surely help get started. What’s more? This is also a potential lifesaver if your bag ever goes missing- engraving plates are easily identifiable and difficult to misplace.

Say It All With Stickers

Spice up plain, old black gig bags with some stickers! Show off the ones you have collected from all of those concerts you attended and get more use out of them. Not sure if you want to keep a particular sticker forever? No worries – your bag won’t be left with any residue once it’s gone.No worries! If you don’t want to use up the original adhesive, try using some glue dots on the back of your sticker. Want something extra special?

Just head online and visit https://sewmypatches.com/ to create your own personalized Patches- no matter which route you choose, it’s sure to liven up your life in more ways than one. Show off this new symbol of pride while carrying around a gig bag filled with only the best music gear; so go ahead and get decorating today.

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