Top 7 Site to Download Lyrics of Every Song

Knowing the lyrics to a song is the greatest way to get the most enjoyment out of it, which is why we have taken the effort to identify the top websites from which you can download the lyrics of a song and sing along with your favourite singer while listening to it.

Top 7 Site to Download Lyrics of Every Song

1. AZLyrics (Arizona Lyrics)

If you are looking for music lyrics, this is a terrific resource for you. This website offers a database that has over 300,000 lyrics from more than 7,000 different artists, which is constantly being updated. Additionally, the website features an outstanding interface that makes searching for lyrics quite quick. The song lyrics are organised alphabetically by the name of the artist who wrote them.

The website’s search engine includes song lyrics that are organised by discography, album, images, video, and concerts. The search engine is available in both English and Spanish. The website also contains a large number of invasive advertisements, which can be a drawback.

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2. LyricsMode

This website has a straightforward design and a homepage that highlights recently added tracks. It focuses more on music that have recently been released or are currently popular. The website boasts of having more than 70,000 lyrics from 20 different musicians. The website performs admirably when looking for current songs, and it includes a link to song excerpts and videos, among other things. One disadvantage of the website may be that the lyrics posted by the community may contain typographical errors.

3. Ingenuity

On, you may find thousands of lyrics submitted by users, as well as a plethora of music-related resources. On the website, you may find out about new music releases, music news, and in-depth information about albums and their respective performers. Songs on the website can be translated into a variety of languages, and the site claims to have the world’s largest collection of lyrics in its database. The source of the lyrics that may be found on this website is almost never specified.

4. Lyrics Planet

This website, which was launched in 2000, has amassed hundreds of lyrics, both contemporary and classic. The website is simple and easy to navigate, and it includes the most recent top-charting music. The white-hued typeface and black background of the website make it easy to read even when the lights are turned off at night.

If you are looking for song lyrics, the website also offers a large database that will not let you down when you search for them. Although it may be tough to locate contemporary tunes at times, it is possible.

5. Musixmatch

This is another another fantastic website that will allow you to search for the lyrics of a song by its title, artist, or even by its words. The site offers a top lyrics page that displays the song lyrics that have been searched the most. The service includes translation choices, and users can even change lyrics that have already been uploaded to the site. Lyrics can be embedded on the website and shared with others.

An additional aspect of the site is that it has a part for newly updated lyrics as well as a genre list, and it also contains obtrusive advertisements.

6. MetroLyrics

This website is well-known for having the most comprehensive collection of legal lyrics, which has over 700,000 titles, and for being the most well-known song lyrics platform in the world. The song lyrics website provides the most comprehensive coverage of current singles and sports a basic style that makes reading the lyrics reasonably straightforward.

Users can share their favourite tunes with their friends by using the social sharing tool, and the site also provides additional information such as future hot releases and new music releases. In addition to new releases, the website offers a good selection of vintage titles. Although it is possible to search for lyrics by artist name, it can be time-consuming.

7. is a website that provides lyrics. has a large collection of song lyrics that are presented in a simple and straightforward manner on a well-designed website. The lyrics that are provided on the website are available in bold text as well as video format. In addition, the site includes extra information such as new releases and the most popular songs at the time, which are displayed at the top of the lyrics.

The website offers a robust search bar that allows users to search for their favorite lyrics by phrases, artists, and melodies. Users can also share songs with their friends via the website’s social sharing feature. Anyone can also post lyrics to the website, though the website itself can be a little cluttered owing to the amount of information it provides on the subject.

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