Top 5 Best THC Strains Ranked by Potency 

The most potent THC strains should have a THC concentration of 20% and above but not exceed certain limits. You enjoy many benefits while using such strains, such as the ease of eliminating stress and other extensive mental conditions. The most potent strains will help you address these needs within the shortest duration; however, you need to observe dosage guidelines to avoid the severe effects. 

Many THC strains are available in the market; however, only a few will address your needs effectively. There are many versions with varying levels of THC; hence you need to select them based on various criteria. Instead of more research about the most potent THC strains, here are a few you can try. 


One of the most potent versions of Chemdog is the Anesia seed, with a THC concentration of up to 32%. The effects are similar to those you gain when you use THC-O. To fully understand the full effects of this strain, you can read more about THC-O to glimpse this strain’s effects. It ranks in the top category of potent THC strains. The euphoric feelings are sometimes more extensive than those generated by popular THC strains.   

The aroma is attractive and can sometimes deceive you into taking more. You need to observe the dosage because the excess dosage can make you pass out cold for hours. It will address your needs, such as the need for relaxation and elimination of stress; however, you should not try it while working. 

Godfather OG 

One of the main reasons this strain is so powerful is the combination of more than three high-THC strains. However, you can also get other varieties formed by crossing two strains. The THC levels will vary depending on the type of strain you buy; however, most have a THC level ranging between 25 and 34%. It has a 60% indica concentration and 40% sativa concentration making it ideal for various needs such as the mind and body functionality.  

The effects are fast; it only takes a few minutes for the euphoric feeling to kick, and soon, all your stress whisks away. This strain can be suitable for severe mental conditions such as PTSD and extensive anxieties. You can also rely on it to relieve body tensions caused by various and extensive workouts and burnouts.  

Bubba Kush 

This strain is purely indica with a THC concentration of 22 and 23%. The effects are fast compared to other strains hence the need to take it while relaxing at home. Its effects are almost instant, and it will only take a few minutes for the muscles to get heavy and the body to demand a long rest. After a long rest, you can be sure to eliminate your stress; however, the euphoric feeling can sometimes last longer, depending on your dosage.  

The reactions and effects also vary depending on the users and the dosage. You can relax, eliminate stress, regain your focus, and continue working. The effects can be extensive even in lower dosage; hence you need to be careful before trying it.  

Bruce Banner 

It is one of the most purchased and potent strains on the market, with a THC concentration of between 25 and 30% depending on the version you buy. This sativa dominant strain is ideal for dealing with various medical conditions such as insomnia, chronic pains, and depression. It contains 60% sativa and 40% indica, meaning you will feel the euphoric effects a few minutes after taking the first dosage.   

Like the Incredible Hulk, it can resolve various conditions fast and effectively while causing extensive euphoric feelings. These effects make it ideal for the day, especially when working on critical tasks that need great attention and focus. You can use it at night before you head to bed but ensure you take it in low dosages for safety purposes.  

You can anticipate a bright morning, a stress-free day, and a mind focused on accomplishing challenging tasks because it gives the brain enough rest. It is also ideal for athletes who experience severe pains due to extensive exercise and workout routines. 


GG’s initials mean Gorilla Glue; however, the name changed to original glue following a 2015 lawsuit. This strain has won various awards, such as the Cannabis Cup awards as one of the most potent THC strains. The effects are intensive and fast hence ideal for only pros or those with chronic pains and depression. The THC concentration ranges between 25% and 30%, according to laboratory tests. Despite being a sativa dominant strain, you can feel the euphoric effects depending on the amount of dosage.  

Doctors prefer the strain since it can address severe anxiety, depression, and chronic pain for late-stage cancer patients or those undergoing frequent and extensive chemo. If you suffer from extensive migraines, this strain is ideal for your condition. However, doctors warn about its double effects on anxiety. It can either increase or reduce the situation; hence you need to use it based on medical guidelines and regulations.   


Many potent THC strains are on the market; however, only a few can deliver the powerful euphoric effects you may desire. These are some of the few and the most potent ones you should consider. However, you need to observe the dosage to avoid the extensive effects, and you also need to use them at the appropriate time.  

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