Top 10 Fonts for Social Media Marketing

Remember the good old days, when Times New Roman was the standard font for everything official and Bradley Hand was the closest thing you could get to digital calligraphy? Do you remember those days?

It is possible to create handwritten letters in the most beautiful penmanship with almost no effort today thanks to the development of Latin calligraphy brush scripts that are excellent.

It is a true monument to how far we have come in this digital age that an estimated HALF A MILLION fonts are currently available for download on the internet. Yes, you are correct. Half-a-million dollars.

While we appreciate having so many possibilities, having so many choices might make it difficult to make a decision when there is so much variety. Like stepping into a restaurant and being handed a hefty, 30-page menu with hundreds of options to choose from when you first arrive. To say that it was overwhelming would be an understatement. Helvetica is a beautiful font, but what if it becomes too mainstream? The question is whether you are being too brave or not being bold enough.

We’ve made it easy for you by compiling a list of our best sure-fire typefaces for use on social media. Continue reading and you will not be disappointed!

First and foremost, before we get started, what exactly are the different sorts of fonts?

The five different types of fonts are as follows:

1.  A serif font

2. Sans Serif fonts

3. Slab Serif font style

4. The Script

5. It is aesthetically pleasing

1. Serif

Serif typefaces exude a sense of tradition. This type of typeface includes little strokes or lines added to the extremities of the letters, giving it a more decorative appearance. Serif fonts are popular choices for brands that wish to be perceived as well-established, traditional, and ageless in their approach. The fashion industry, including labels such as Prada, Burberry, and Armani, particularly adores this type of shoe.

Top 10 Fonts for Social Media Marketing

2. Sans Serif fonts are used.

Sans serif fonts are, without a doubt, the most popular and readable typefaces. There are no strokes added at all, which makes it the finest font to use when reading from a computer or other electronic device. As a result of this, sans

Serif typefaces are very popular among companies that are affiliated with technology. In the case of their operating systems, Apple and Samsung have always used sans serif fonts. Apple even went the extra mile in 2015, customizing a special font – San Francisco – to ensure maximum legibility on the Apple Watch and other products, among other things.

Using sans-serif typefaces, which have clean, pointed lines, might help you express a more contemporary vibe. For brands that wish to be perceived as modern, easygoing, and approachable, sans serif fonts are an excellent choice.

Top 10 Fonts for Social Media Marketing

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3. Slab Serif (also known as slab serif)

Although Slab Serif fonts are a bit chunkier in body than Serif fonts, they share the same unique lines and strokes that extend from the ends of the characters. Slab serif fonts grab your attention right away, making them excellent choices for brands who want to make a strong statement with their branding.

Top 10 Fonts for Social Media Marketing

4. Script

Script fonts are connected, cursive, and designed to look like handwritten letters. Their use in logos and branding is less widespread than it should be due to the numerous loops and curls that make it difficult to read. Even so, they are excellent for headlines, accent phrases, and bringing a touch of delicacy to corporate branding materials.

This term is related with wellbeing and attractiveness. They are also popular with companies that wish to portray inventiveness or even a sense of ‘whimsy’ through their marketing materials.

Top 10 Fonts for Social Media Marketing

5. Decorative

Decorative fonts, like script fonts, have a more limited range of characters than script fonts. Even so, they are excellent for conveying a pleasant, laid-back atmosphere, and firms that are able to pull off utilising a decorative typeface as their logo are typically the ones that make the largest impression on their target audience.


Top 10 Fonts for Social Media Marketing


Now that you’re familiar with the differences between your typefaces, let’s dive into our personal favorites!

1. The island of Montserrat

Montserrat is a geometric sans-serif typeface that was inspired by the signage and typography found in the neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires. It is popular among online and user interface designers. Because of the simplicity of its characters, it is one of the most readable typefaces available, and yet it has far more personality than Arial or Helvetica. As such, it is a traditional, ageless alternative that creates a sense of sophistication.

2. Have a daydream

The calligraphy font Daydream is one of our favourite selections from among the many available options since it is both fresh and modern, and it has an exquisite baseline. Due to its flawless combination of brush lettering and conventional handwriting, it is an excellent choice for cards and posters, as well as for personal branding and everything wedding-related.

3. The Playfair Exhibit

Playfair Display is a gorgeous serif font that has well-rounded corners and attractive curves. It is a great choice for a serif font because it appears current and not overly-traditional, as other serif fonts may be. For example, one of the most significant advantages of Playfair Display is that the standard style is clean and modern, whilst the italic version is elegant and ornamental. As a result, it is a versatile typeface that may be used while creating graphics for social media. Playfair Display is one of our favourite displays to use for fashion and editorial-related designs.

4. Mary Poppins

Using Poppins as a font for both headings and body text is a favourite of ours because it is a font that just cannot go wrong! Due to the fact that the letter forms are nearly equal in height and that the spacing between letters is carefully created, it is an aesthetically pleasant font to use. One additional advantage of utilising Poppins is that it comes in a variety of weights. Whether you want something thin or light or medium or bold, it covers all of your design bases. This implies that you may complete all of your tasks using a single typeface and end up with a design that is really clean in appearance! That’s what we call a win-win situation.

5. Lobster, of course.

While we adore sans serif fonts since they are so easy to read, every now and then you need to spice things up a little. We still adore lobster, even though it has become a little overused since its meteoric rise to fame, because of its nostalgic appeal (old-school American diner vibes, anyone?). We think it’s especially well-suited for designs including food, beverages, or anything retro!

6. Roboto

Google’s Android system font was created to serve as the default font for the company’s mobile operating system.

Roboto is a programming language that is utilised in various social network marketing applications, including Instagram and Gmail’s inbox app. Roboto, with its primarily geometric form, open curves, and natural width between letters, supports a natural reading rhythm with its natural reading rhythm. Overall, Roboto is a fantastic choice for most contemporary firms who wish to appear slick and professional without breaking the bank.

7. Ramaraja

This serif font has a pleasing visual appearance and may be used for a variety of purposes, including logos and headlines. Beyond attracting your attention, Ramaraja also works nicely with Roboto and Raleway in a variety of situations. We really enjoy working with Ramaraja on projects including literature, books, and publications.

8. Raleway

Raleway is a gorgeous, elegant sans-serif font that is easy on the eyes. It is available in two weights. It looks particularly stunning when used as a display typeface, and it has long been a favourite of designers who use it for enormous headers. If you are already incorporating Montserrat into your design, Raleway is a fantastic complement to the colour. Despite the fact that they both have strong personalities, they don’t overpower one another and instead, they work together to bring out the best in the other in a perfectly balanced way.

9. Oswald

Oswald is a condensed sans serif typeface that was inspired by the classic gothic and grotesque styles of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Due to its traditional appearance, it works extremely well with Roboto, and it’s a versatile typeface that looks good for both headers and content. We really enjoy using Oswald for websites because it has a professional appearance while exuding charm and character.

10. Pacifico

Pacifico, which was inspired by 1950s surf culture, almost radiates chilled-out, beachy feelings. This playful script typeface is extremely popular among firms who wish to communicate a laid-back atmosphere. It, like Lobster, has a subtle throwback flavour to it, which we appreciate because thick scripts with lovely curves and a lot of character are hard to come by, and Pacifico is one of them.


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