The legal profession has different territories – A list of the types of lawyers


There is no doubt that legal professionals can be segregated into various territories. There is a wide range of careers from the healthcare industry to academia. Most people associate law with attorney and lawyer but there are various other categories of the law business that you might not be aware of. Did you know that there are 1.35 million lawyers in the US alone?

Among this vast category of legal minds are several types of lawyers who worked across the various categories of the law business. In case you are someone who has been interested in pursuing a legal career,  here is a list of the types of lawyers you can become.

  • Business lawyers

Corporate lawyers or business lawyers make sure that all business operations are conducted within the specific legal framework of the state and Federal laws. A business lawyer will remain involved in everything from intellectual property disputes and liability disputes to mergers and the preparation of different legal documents. You need a J.D. to become a business lawyer but there are several law students who will also acquire a certificate of law.

  • Tax lawyer

Tax lawyers are the biggest experts in the American tax system. They help individuals and businesses understand tax rules and regulations and let them remain compliant with state, local, and federal tax laws. As the US tax system is complicated and subject to changes, tax lawyers should be updated with all IRS regulations and any tax law amendments.

  • Defense Lawyer

There are two different types of criminal lawyers, prosecutors, and criminal defense lawyers. Criminal defense lawyers defend people who are charged with a crime and these criminal lawyers safeguard the rights of the defendant. Criminal law can be split into different categories, giving you the option to work as a drug crime lawyer, homicide lawyer, and violent crime lawyer.

  • Family Lawyer

Family lawyers are well-armed with the laws concerning family-related issues and domestic relations.  whenever people think of family lawyers, the first thing that comes to their mind is divorce.  However,  it has to be noted That there are several other types of lawyers who handle issues like surrogacy,   adoption of children,  domestic violence,  and child delinquency.

Ask yourself which type of law you want to proceed with.  no matter which kind of lawyer you become,  you have to put in a lot of hard work and dedication to kickstart your successful career.

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