The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Deals For August 2019: Unlimited Data For £39/M On Vodafone

The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Deals For August 2019: Unlimited Data For £39/M On Vodafone

The Galaxy Note 9 has been out now for some time and the Note 10 could be launched in a few weeks, which means there are some great deals around now and we’re rounding the top offers below.

In the UK, the SIM free 128GB Note 9 has been reduced by £250 to just £649 (see SIM free tab in the widget below). In the UK the Note 9 colours are Midnight Black and Lavender Purple, with matching S Pen and Ocean Blue with a Yellow S Pen.

In the US, Note 9 is available in Ocean Blue and Lavender Purple in carrier and unlocked versions. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless and Xfinity will carry the 128GB Galaxy Note9 in stores and online for $999.99.

The best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB deals

We are showing the top offers from all the networks and retailers below, updating in real-time.



 There’s a good Vodafone deal for the Note 9, with £45 cashback, unlimited data, minutes and texts for £39 a month, and no phone cost via Mobile Phones Direct. That’s with no speed cap, and a total cost of ownership of £891. View the deal in Black | Blue | Purple


 We’ve seen a decent offer on O2 with the Note 9 that has 30GB data costing at £33 a month (no upfront cost), from Affordable Mobiles. You get 20GB extra a month for free, and unlimited minutes/text. There’s also  access to Priority with offers and discounts, plus the O2 Wi-Fi (TCO £830.99). See the deal in Black | Blue | Purple


 The recommended deal on EE for the Note 9 has 30GB of data for £36 a month (usually the cost for 25GB), with unlimited minutes/texts. This is with Affordable Mobiles and has free Amazon Prime Video, MTV Play and Apple Music access for six months, and three months of BT Sport (TCO £864). View the deal in Black | Purple


 Three has a good offer for the Note 9, with a 30GB data allowance for £42 a month, UL mins/texts and £49 upfront. This also the network’s Go Binge feature of free data for Snapchat, Netflix, Apple Music, Deezer and more (TCO £1057). See the deal in Black | Blue

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