The account that belongs to Pot ripper on poker on Major Playground Toto


When the player activated God Mode, they could view 메이저놀이터all the hidden cards held by the other players at the table. The origin of the word “super user” can be traced back to this point.

It was alleged by some of Iovation’s former engineers that Russ메이저놀이터 Hamilton was the one who requested the God Mode features. He stated that some of the players were cheating and that he needed to see what they were doing with their hands to catch them in the act. Seeing the other players’ cards were important to him, but he also had other motivations for having this power.

On the other hand

On the other hand, observers were the only ones who could access God Mode. God Mode was unavailable to actively playing gamers. As a result, Russ had his assistant, Travis Makar, aid him in establishing a multitude of online profiles and screen aliases.


The God Mode program could only be accessed by a select handful at any time. On one of the other devices, he would activate the God Mode account, and then on another, he would log in under one of the other screen names.


Russ Hamilton was intelligent enough to cover his tracks after committing the crime. He used several different accounts so that none could be identified as the account that consistently won.

Because he had access to several accounts, Hamilton could manipulate the funds and avoid drawing attention to himself by frequently making large withdrawals.

At the time, staking other players with inactive accounts was widespread among gamers. [Citation needed] To conceal a number of his transactions, Hamilton used an account that was regularly used for this very purpose.

Hamilton was able to defraud other gamers out of millions of dollars by simply shifting money around and using a variety of screen aliases. He did this without ever raising any suspicions.

Scott Tom played Absolute Poker, which featured a mode similar to God Mode. When the Kahnawake Gaming Commission published its formal report, they referred to it as the AuditMonster account; yet, its functionality was identical to that of the God Mode on UltimateBet. To reiterate, it functioned primarily as a superuser account.

Certain accounts utilized on Absolute Poker contained directions that specified accounts should not be adjusted without obtaining approval from the top executives of the website.

These accounts, including the Potripper screen name, were the ones that Scott Tom used when playing God Mode or covering his tracks with his financial dealings.

How exactly did Pierson become involved?

Greg Pierson worked as a senior executive for several technology firms, including Iovation Software, UltimateBet, and illogic.

He occasionally participated in poker games, which is how he became acquainted with Russ Hamilton, who initially inspired him for UltimateBet. So, how exactly did Pierson have a role in the dishonesty?

Regarding the infidelity incident, he has never been accused of or indicted for wrongdoing. On the other hand, Russ Hamilton was never charged with anything, so that doesn’t mean much.

Even if Pierson wasn’t directly involved in the illegal activity, he was certainly aware of what was happening behind the scenes. Because of his extensive background in poker, he was aware that the “God Mode” that Hamilton had suggested in early 2003 could be used to get an unfair advantage.

It would appear that the developer, Greg Pierson, was dealing with something that was a little bit difficult before the God Mode function was developed.

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