Skincare routine for senstive skin

Skincare routine for senstive skin

Skincare is a proper science. You cannot take one formula and apply to your skin and expect it to work wonders for you. There are many variants that determine the efficacy of your skincare, one being the skin type.

Normal, dry, oily and combination are the more common forms of skin type, but the higher maintenance type of skin is sensitive skin.

What is sensitive skin?

As the name also suggests, sensitive skin refers to skin that is more delicate. It reacts more aggressively to substances and different chemicals. It is more prone to irritation, inflammation, and redness. It also requires more visits to a Dermatologist in Rawalpindi, as it is more volatile.

People with sensitive skin are always on their toes with regards to their skin, as it needs extra attention. Moreover, people also then need to be careful about their skincare and makeup choices as well.

If not well-cared to, sensitive skin can also be a source of a lot of distress. Hence, having a skincare routine that centers around improving sensitive skin’s appearance and allows better management of the related symptoms is important.

Skincare routine for sensitive skin

If wearing makeup, remove it gently

The first step to do, if you are wearing makeup, is to remove it first. Since most cleansers cannot remove the oil-based makeup, therefore, you need to remove it first.

However, be careful with the removal process. Use product that help in removing water and oil-based makeup, both; something like micellar water is a good choice.

Moreover, be careful about the motion and pressure you use to remove the makeup. Harshly scrubbing is bad for your skin. Instead, use gentle motion and light pressure.

Invest in the right cleanser

Cleansing is an important part of skincare routine; you need a clean canvas to work on. However, if you use a harsh cleanser, not only will the sensitive skin not react well to it, but it can also cause the skin to become very dry. It then paves way for breakouts as well.

So, use a mild cleanser. Make sure that the temperature that you use is lukewarm; too cold or too hot, both are not good for the skin.

Spot treatment

Even with sensitive skin, you might have specific concerns that need to be addressed. So, try serums that help in addressing these particular problems. However, before using any product, patch test first but applying a little to the neck. Observe the area for a while, and if there is not reaction, you may continue with the use of the serums.

Furthermore, since inflammation is a common issue with sensitive skin, try to use products with anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in using products that have hydrating properties, as a stronger skin barrier helps in protecting the skin. Some ingredients that are helpful in this regard include hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, ceramides, and peptides.

Use a robust moisturizer

For to have a healthy skin barrier, and to ensure that your skin looks healthy and supple, it is important that you use a good moisturizer. Moisturizer also aids in improving the appearance of dry patches, if any.

However, make sure that your moisturizer does not contain fragrance and similar irritants. In winters, it is suggested that you use a cream formulation, as dryness is a bigger challenge, whereas in summers, a lotion suffices.

You can also use a moisturizer in tandem with facial oils. They help in making skin smooth and supple. Different facial oils carry different properties, like antioxidative effects, etc. So choose one that offers required benefits.

Sunscreen is a must

Since sun can do a lot of damage to any skin, let alone one that is sensitive to begin with, therefore, wearing sunscreen is vital. SPF of above 30 is suggested. Moreover, as broad-spectrum sunscreen deals with a wider range of radiation, use that instead.

Word of caution

It is important that you be careful about your choices of products, as certain ingredients can cause irritation to the skin, amongst other problems. These may then be severe enough to require help from a skin specialist at Mid City Hospital.

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