Skincare myths and misinformation you need to stop believing in

Skincare myths

Thanks to social media, and especially TikTok, there is a lot of misinformation guised as skincare hacks that are prevalent. Many people think that these skincare hacks are innocuous. The need for quick solutions and curiosity also then makes people fall trap to these myths and misinformation.

However, such short-cuts and myths are not as innocent as you might believe. They might be ineffective in the best case. And in the worst case, they might damage your skin, meriting then the help from your Dermatologist in Karachi.

Hence, sifting through the commonly prevalent information is important, and setting the facts apart from the myths and misinformation is vital.

Common myths and misinformation to avoid

Frothing your foundation is good

The trick to froth your foundation after diluting with water came from TikTok. And while it may seem fascinating and even satisfying, it is not a good trick to fall for.

When you add water to the foundation, you change its formula, which is not recommended. Moreover, adding air and water also adds impurities to your foundation.

You cannot leave the foundation be in the frothed state, and since you need substantial quantity to froth, you might then end up wasting product.

As you dilute the product with water, if you need greater coverage, you might have to then build using a lot of the product. And if natural looking skin is what you are after, instead of using the base, you can use tinted moisturizer or use a foundation with light coverage. Hence, frothing is not only unnecessary, but unhealthy as well.

Tanning is fine, especially the tanning beds

Before tanning, try to ask yourself why are you putting your skin through the ordeal? Because tanned skin looks healthier? Well, tanning does not equal health and pale complexion does not equal sickness. Because tanning looks hot? Well, beauty standards are arbitrary, racist, and outdated.

And before you think tanning is good for you, or in the very least harmless, know that tanning can increase your risk for skin cancer. Moreover, excessive tanning can also pave way for premature aging of skin and wrinkle formation.

So, stay clear of tanning. Do get sunlight, but wear sunscreen always. Try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight by staying in shade or wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

Scalp massages are good to prevent baldness

Another myth especially rampant in the South Asian culture is that scalp massages can prevent baldness. While yes, they do improve blood circulation to the follicles, there are many different problems that can cause baldness.

For some people, hormones are to be blamed. For others, it is the genetics or the diet. Hence, if you are having problems with hair growth, you should consult your doctor rather than relying just on massages.

Using ocean water to clean your face

Using ocean water for especially cleaning your face is also not something an expert approves of. While it may benefit your skin a little by drying up excess oil, but overall, not worth it.

There are bacteria in the ocean water that can cause skincare issues. Similarly, not everyone has the issue of oil-control, so it may just be unnecessary for you to begin with.

Using toothpaste to treat pimples

Another hack that is nothing, but a pile of misinformation is using toothpaste to treat pimples. If you want to zap a zit fast, there are many products available that can help you do that.

But slathering on toothpaste that contains harsh and drying ingredients is not the way to go about it. Try to rationalize it yourself; would you use same product on hard and sensitive surfaces? No, right?

Moreover, using toothpaste on your delicate facial skin can also pave way for contact dermatitis, that then needs treatment from a Skin doctor in Lahore. So, keep the toothpaste for just cleaning your teeth!

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