SAFeⓇPOPM Training and Certification: What You Need to Know

POPM Training and Certification: What You Need to Know

The SAFe POPM training and POPM certification course help one develop the expertise in order to direct the delivery of persistent value in an enterprise of Lean. Candidates will gain the skills required to perform the position of a SAFeⓇ POPM or Product Owner and Product Manager effectively in the ART or Agile Release Train, for it delivers value via PI or Program Increments. You can find out how the DevOps culture and Continuous Delivery Pipeline contribute to the non-stop advancement of the ART.

Learn the plan and execution of Program Increments and Iterations, how to manage Team and Program backlogs, how to refine Stories and Features, and the use of leverage Lean thinking for breaking Epics into Stories and Features. The SAFe POPM training has an abundance of sought-after Program Consultants of SAFeⓇ. One would be empowered and inspired to drive enduring improvements in the way one’s company delivers services and products.

The designation of SAFeⓇ POPM or Product Owner/ Product Manager is offered by Scaled Agile, Inc. This is offered to practitioners who have finished the POPM certification training of two days conducted by a SAFeⓇ Program Consultant and have cleared the SAFeⓇ certification examination of Product Owner/ Product Manager to prove that they can demonstrate their understanding of the Framework SAFeⓇ and the Scaled Agile.

What are the steps to achieve the certification of SAFeⓇ POPM?

You can follow these steps to successfully acquire the certification of SAFeⓇ POPM.

Step 1: Getting Trained

You have to first receive training from an authorized Scaled Agile training partner and take part in the 16-hour training that is delivered by an SPC or a SAFeⓇ Program Consultant who is a professional practitioner.

Step 2: Taking the SAFeⓇ Examination

Once the candidate completes the 2-day training successfully, they receive relevant information regarding the test along with their login credentials. This is supplied by Scaled Agile directly. The candidate has to use their credentials to log in and take the online test. The duration is ninety minutes. This closed-book examination has forty-five MCQs. In order to clear the SAFeⓇ 5 POPM test, one has to get thirty-four out of forty-five questions correct, and thirty-three out of forty-five questions correct to clear the SAFeⓇ 4 POPM examination.

Upon passing the certification test of Product Owner/ Product Manager, the candidate becomes a certified SAFeⓇ 5 POPM. They receive their Digital Batch and PDF certification of SAFeⓇ 5 POPM or Product Owner/ Product Manager within five to seven working days.

Candidates who can attend the course of SAFeⓇ POPM

  1. Software Development
  2. Solution Train Engineers
  3. Delivery Managers
  4. Product Owners
  5. Product Managers
  6. Directors
  7. Engineers
  8. Architects
  9. Consultants
  10. CTOs
  11. Development Managers
  12. SAFeⓇ Program Consultants
  13. Agile Coaches
  14. Business Analysts
  15. Release Train Engineers
  16. Scrum Masters
  17. Program or Product Managers

There are no requirements necessary in order to attend the SAFeⓇ POPM course of training and certification. Although not mandatory, it is recommended to gather previous experience in a SAFeⓇ environment, with Agile, Learn or other relevant certifications.

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