Room Zoning: Tips for Everyone

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Zoning a large room is a great alternative to building a full wall. It allows you to divide the space into several zones with a minimal expenditure of money, time and effort. 

Usually in a studio apartment, you want to divide the kitchen area from the living room. In a large room, you can separate a zone for relaxation and a place to work or play at a South African online casino PlayAmo, or a zone for family interaction and a dining area. 

In the children’s room, a play and sleep area or a relaxation and study area. If two children live in the same room, you can divide the room between them with zoning.

The main thing is to take a competent approach to such a division of the area. Modern design solutions allow you to zone even small spaces. It’s enough just to choose the right method.

Types of Room Zoning

The main options for zoning a room involve its delimitation with the help of various elements:

  • Decor. This can be potted plants in caches, design compositions, partitions made of wooden slats, which are popular today. 
  • Finishing. Different design of walls, a combination of different textures of the floor, the use of color accents, moldings also allows you to divide the space into different mood zones. 
  • Lighting. When planning the interior, you can think in advance about different lighting scenarios. The play of light is also able to divide the space into different functional zones.
  • Furniture. A sofa, a shelf or a cabinet in the center of the room act as a kind of partition and perfectly zone the room.

The last option is considered the most popular. And it is him that we will consider today in detail. Upholstered furniture fits harmoniously into any room, allows you to create multiple zones and performs this practical function.

Features of the Delimitation of Space by the Sofa

The sofa is a universal option for dividing space. It’ll be relevant for any room. 

The main thing before you make zoning of the room with your own hands, choose the right sofa. When choosing, consider that:

  • The stylistics of upholstered furniture should match the style of the interior.
  • In terms of size, the furniture should fit harmoniously into the room where it will be installed.
  • The back wall of the sofa should be made in a decorative fabric, as well as the entire sofa. Otherwise, you can get ugly picture, because the sofa will not stand close to the wall, and all its parts will be visible.

It’s also important that the sofa has a practical function. It’s good if it will unfold, creating a full bed for the owners or guests. This will be especially relevant when delimiting the living room. So, besides photos of furniture for zoning the room, pay attention to its technical characteristics and capabilities.

Before choosing furniture, make a clear plan of its placement in the room. This doesn’t require special engineering skills. Just make a rough draft of the room, “place” the zoning object in it and calculate its approximate dimensions.

For visualization, “fitting” with painter’s tape helps a lot. Draw the silhouette of the sofa on the floor in the folded and unfolded form. Try to imagine how it will sit in your room – whether you will be comfortable walking past it, whether there is enough space.

Room Zoning Ideas With Sofas

A sofa is universal furniture, with which you can create several functional zones in any room. The only difference will be the model of upholstered furniture and the way it’s placed.

Living Room

The living room can be divided with a straight, angular or U-shaped sofa. It will visually separate the sitting area from the dining or kitchen area. And semicircular models can create a full-fledged lounge area even in a small area.


A suitable option for the children’s room is a straight or corner reclining sofa. It can divide the play and sleeping area. Relevant such furniture will also be subject to the presence of a full bed. Additional sleeping space in the nursery will not be superfluous.


In a small apartment, a straight or corner sofa will be relevant. This will create several zones at once: kitchen and dining room, living room, and, after reclining the sofa, also a bedroom.

Looks interesting on the photo furniture for zoning semicircular shape. With its help, you can create a full-fledged lounge area. It will be especially relevant in a large room where there is a fireplace.

Regardless of the furniture installation room and its type, consider our tips. And then you can count on a good zoning effect.

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