Quad Biking Safety Tips You Should Know About

Quad Biking Safety

Nothing says thrilling outdoor adventure like riding a quad bike. Quad biking is a fantastic way of getting out into nature and making unforgettable memories with friends and family. It offers a lot of great benefits, from relieving your stress and improving your mental health to better physical fitness, body posture, and confidence. However, as fun as quad biking is, it is important to remember that quad bikes aren’t toys but road-legal vehicles that need to be driven with care while following road regulations.

Learning to ride a quad bike is quite easy, and accidents rarely occur. However, when they do occur, it is usually a result of improper training, lack of protective equipment, and neglect of basic regulations. So to ensure that your next quad biking adventure isn’t your last one, we have come up with a few tips to help keep you safe as you enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. For local experiences try searching quad biking near me for a range of suitable adventure providers.

Choose the Right Type of Quad

This is especially important for first-time riders. Quad biking is an activity that is very physically demanding, so it is important that you choose a bike that is well suited to your strength. You should also take the type of terrain you’ll be riding on into consideration when picking a quad bike. 

Wear the Right Clothing and Gear

By design, quad bikes do not come with seat belts, roll cages, or weather coverings. They are designed this way to make it easier for the rider to escape the vehicle should an accident occur. Also, manoeuvring a quad bike requires a lot of movement, hence, why seat belts aren’t used. Unfortunately, the absence of these built-in safety measures means that you will have to take the extra precaution of wearing the right protective clothing to prevent injury. 

The clothes you wear should be strong and offer full coverage of both your arms and legs. Ensure to wear gloves and handlebar muffs as they do not only keep your hands warm in cold weather but ensure that you have good control of the Quad. 

Another very important piece of gear you need is a helmet as you cannot afford to risk any injury to your head. Choose a helmet that offers you comfort while keeping your head safe. The helmet should have a visor that allows you to see as clearly as possible. A full-face helmet is always recommended as it offers the best protection. However, if your helmet doesn’t cover your full face or has a visor, it is important that you wear goggles to prevent your eyes from dust, branches, debris, and insects.

Wearing the right kind of footwear is also important. Your footwear should be sturdy, ankle-high, and have a good grip. Motorcycle boots are a good choice. Open-toed shoes, backless shoes, or any type of shoes that does not fully cover your feet or run the risk of coming off should be avoided.

Riding Safety Tips 

Check the Tyres – Always make sure that your quad is fitted with the correct type of tyres. This is especially important if you plan on driving on muddy and uneven terrain.

Another thing you should check for is tyre pressure. Quad bikes have tyres that are big and soft, and they require low pressure during inflation. Always ask the quad bike rental company to check your tyre pressure before you set out, as an over-inflated tyre can cause your bike to bounce out of control if you go over a hole or hit a stone.

Maintain a Safe Distance When Riding – If you’re riding with a group, it is important that you maintain a safe distance, so you don’t end up crashing into the vehicle in front of you should the other rider slam on the brakes. Also, since quads are quite slow, the other drivers may feel anxious about overtaking, so always ensure to check your rearview mirror so you can tell and move to the side when other riders want to overtake.

Understand the Road Regulations – If you’re on vacation or riding in a different country, you need to first understand the rules and regulations of riding a quad bike in that area. There are some places where you will need to get government approval or register a quad before you can ride it. Always check approved government websites to ensure that you are complying with all the legislations before embarking on any quad biking adventure.

Other Quad Biking Safety Tips

  • Change the oil and oil filter of your quad bike regularly
  • Ensure that the brakes are in good condition
  • Tighten any nuts and bolts that have become loose
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Be careful on rough terrains and try not to exceed the capabilities of the bike
  • Don’t get distracted by other activities when riding, like being on your phone. Keep both hands on the bike always.


Riding a quad bike is fun but what is even more enjoyable is knowing that you are safe while doing it. So make your safety a priority by always being well prepared.

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