PopSockets’ New Wireless Charging Pad Will Work With Your Phone Grip

PopSockets’ New Wireless Charging Pad Will Work With Your Phone Grip

Phone accessory maker PopSockets has released a new product that solves the single biggest issue users had with its entire product portfolio.

PopSockets is hugely popular in the US. Seemingly everyone uses the company’s Grips as little handles for their phones. Probably the only complaint about them is that they don’t play well with wireless chargers. Think about it: When attached, a PopSocket Grip gets in the way, blocking the ability to wirelessly charge a phone. But PopSocket has now come up with a solution, called PopPower Home.

PopPower Home is a Qi-enabled wireless charging pad that can supply a compatible device with 15W of power. It supports fast charging and is designed to wirelessly charge devices with a PopSocket Grip attached. However, the company makes several Grips and other accessories, so it’s all warning users that not all of its products will work with the PopPower Home, such as the Metal PopGrips.

PopSockets said it partnered with a company called NuCurrent on the new PopPower Home. It’s also launching the device now, during CES 2020, for anyone to buy from its website. PopPower Home is available in three colours and costs $60. No word yet on UK pricing or availability.

Source / Pocket-lint

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