Odds and Pay description for the Super Aces Bonus Poker Game on Major Playground Toto


A poker hand is considered a flush if all five of the player’s cards are of the same suit, regardless of the sequence in which the cards are held in the 메이저놀이터player’s hand. When using a standard deck of 52 playing cards, 5,108 combinations can be used to construct a flush.

Four of a Kind (Four of a Kind, 5s through Kings): This hand will comprise four matching ranked cards of each suit between the ranks of five and king, inclusive. 메이저놀이터 A quad is another name for this structure. A hand consisting of four of a kind and fives is referred to as a quad. 5s and 6s would be referred to as quads 5s and quads 6s, etc.


  • A whole house is a poker hand consisting of three consecutively matching cards of the same rank and two consecutively matching cards of a different position. It is also sometimes referred to as a loaded boat. There are 3,744 potential whole house hands when using a deck of 52 cards.
  • A flush is a poker hand with all five cards of the same suit, but the positions of the cards do not go in any particular order. A color can comprise 5,108 potential hands when using 52 cards.
  • A straight is a five-card sequence ordered sequentially, but all cards are of different suits. Ten thousand two hundred combinations can be played using a standard deck of 52 cards.
  • Three of a Kind is a poker hand comprising three cards of the same rank. This particular hand will contain a total of two knockout cards. This specific hand may also be referred to as a pair or trip. Fifty-four thousand nine hundred twelve different hands can be made with a conventional deck of cards that contain three of a kind.
  • Two Pairs is a hand that consists of two cards of the same rank, two of different positions, and a knockout card. One hundred twenty-three thousand five hundred twenty-two other possible hands comprise a pair using a standard deck of 52 cards.
  • 1 Pair (Jacks or Better): This hand is made by possessing either two jacks, two queens, two kings, or two aces and will have three kicker cards. This hand is considered to be the best possible hand that can be made.

In Super Aces Bonus Poker, as with all other variations of Bonus Poker, certain four-of-a-kind cards can earn you an additional payout. The prize for this game is awarded whenever a player has four aces in their hand. This also means that the payment for lower-ranked hands is a smaller percentage of the pot than in a regular five-card draw pay table.

The amount that you are mathematically expected to earn for each dollar that you wager is referred to as the expected return. It is typically presented in the form of a proportion.


You are wagering $1 on each hand, and the percentage of the money you can anticipate winning from playing this game is 98%. You can expect to earn an average of 98 cents for every dollar you wager over thousands of spins.

However, this is an average over a very lengthy period. In the short term, you risk losing your entire wager, winning 4000 to 1 on it, or any other payoffs that fall somewhere in between.

On the Wizard of Odds website, the optimal edition of this game is described as having a return on investment of 99.93% when a perfect strategy is utilized. The game can be played in several ways, the most popular of which has an expected return of 98.85%.

Strategies and Strategies for Playing the Super Aces Bonus Poker Game

The correct procedure for playing each hand is determined by considering the pay table and the likelihood of obtaining that particular hand. In video poker, a single arrow can be played one of 32 different methods by the player. A flawless approach involves picking the cards that offer the highest return on investment.

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