How to help students in final term exams preparation: tips for teachers

final term exams

In every academic class from elementary to senior secondary, along with regular unit tests, final exams are also conducted every year. These final exams are conducted to check students’ understanding and knowledge of the academic subjects being taught to them throughout the year. 

To get promoted to the next class, and ensure academic growth, and success it is important for students to score well in their final exams conducted at the end of every academic year. Effective teaching includes preparing students well for the exams. Let us discuss some tips that teachers can follow for helping students in their studies and effective preparation for the final term exams. 

Tips for teachers to help students in final term exam preparation

     1. Complete the exam syllabus timely

In the final exams, the syllabus is vast. Many lessons and theories have to be prepared for every lesson. To make sure that students start their preparation early, teachers should wind up the syllabus well in advance. Ask students to keep their classroom learning and self-studies going hand in hand. Once done with the syllabus, utilize the remaining time for multiple revisions and practice sessions.

     2. Use technology to teach

For preparing well for exams, having a clear academic understanding is important. Many times understanding the theoretical and applicative lessons from the textbooks becomes difficult. To overcome this problem, using technology helps. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. This helps students to understand and prepare for the exams well.

     3. Have formative tests

In final exams, the syllabus is huge. Many lessons need to be prepared properly and that needs time and regular effort. But many students have a habit of delaying and procrastinating. They only sit for studies when exams hit the door. In such cases, the huge chunks of syllabus piled become difficult to complete and create a state of stress and panic. 

To overcome this problem, teachers should conduct tests from time to time. This will keep students more involved and consistent with learning.  LMS full form is a learning management system that can be used for conducting timely exams and maintaining records of marks. By using this technical tool, teachers can experience less workload and pressure.

     4. Check the regular tests and tell students their mistakes

Only conducting the exams and collecting the answer sheets is not enough. Teachers need to check the tests timely too. Keep checking the test papers. Later provide students with the checked copies. Ask them to see where they have made mistakes and errors. Guide them regarding the same. This will serve as regular feedback for students. Ask them to analyze their mistakes and follow the suggestions given for improvement in their studies.

     5. Sample paper practice

For effective preparation for the final term exams, making students solve the sample papers in the classroom is beneficial. Only asking students to practice these papers at home won’t work as some will do and some will procrastinate the work. To ensure that all are benefited, have sample papers and previous year’s question papers practice in the class. 

This will help students to get an idea about what is the current learning status and what more they have to do for improvement. Teachers should help students with the doubts, queries, and difficult questions they face while solving these papers. This will help students to get a clear academic understanding and prepare well for the exams.

     6. Conduct a parent-teachers meeting well in advance

For the academic growth of students, along with teachers, parents also play an important role. Final exam scores are important to pass a particular class and get promoted to the next session. To make sure that students study well, teachers should conduct a parent-teacher meeting well in advance.

  • In this meeting, tell parents the date sheet that includes when the exams are starting, and what is the syllabus of all subjects respectively.
  •  Ask parents to keep a track of their ward’s self-studies. Tell them to ensure that students are studying every day, and revising regularly.
  • Also, tell parents to ensure healthy eating and timely sleeping of the child for physical and mental fitness. 
  • By using a fee management system, tell the parents to clear all the fees, dues, and administration charges to avoid last-minute chaos and pressure during final exams. 


For academic success, students need to score well in the final term exams. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can aid the final exam of the students. This way, students will receive a quality education and a proper academic understanding. This will ensure the teacher’s growth and success too. 


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