How Social Media Tools Create a Competitive Edge for Businesses

social media tools

Social networks are the most effective ways for companies to market their products. Businesses need a few different tools to understand their audience through social media analytics.

The social media tools can help businesses understand who is using their website with their social media accounts. These tools include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. To understand who is using social media analytics for the business, a company needs to have a few different tools.

Here, we will explore how social media analytics can help an organization analyze and understand social media behaviors for various stages of their business.

Social Media Analytics

Social medial analytics helps companies to understand their audience. The analytics tools allow the companies to control mentions of their company and competitors and other brands in real-time.

NetBase Quid is a company that uses social media analytics to help other businesses evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign or determine what changes should be made to reach the right audience more effectively. The company collects intelligence about a company’s brand, passion, brand attributes, and sentiment by looking at the market and consumer data in real time.

NetBaseQuid Social Media Analytic Services

Sentiment Monitoring

The company uses analytic tool helps businesses to understand the mood and reactions of their audiences. The tool also helps the company to understand the impact of a marketing campaign on a brand.


Benchmarking helps companies to understand how their brand is perceived. It also provides tools that help companies to develop actionable insights from data and improve their overall customer experience by enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement.

Social Analytics

Social analytics helps companies to understand how their brand is perceived. Company uses the tool to screen for potential issues and to respond more quickly when those issues occur.

How to Use Social Media Tools to Make Marketing Decisions

Social network tools enable businesses to communicate and share real-time information with customers. Here are some of the ways companies can use the social network tools to make marketing decisions:

 Engaging Customers

The tools enable businesses to interact with their customers. Companies can then use this information to provide excellent customer service and make sure their customers are satisfied.

Using Customer Feedback

Businesses can use their customers’ feedback or valuable information to help them make decisions. Those with a robust online presence, especially on social media channels, are more likely to reach the right audience and thus gain profits. Companies can use social media analytics to monitor the reviews or feedback of their customers online to provide the necessary support to encourage their customers to buy a product or service.

Exchanging Ideas

Social networking tools like Twitter enable businesses to connect with their customers, which gives them a chance to exchange ideas and the ability to ask questions. Analytics tools are helpful for companies because they help them to understand their audience.

Tracking business Performance

The tools such as Google Analytics helps companies to track the performance of their online businesses. They help build customer trust because they enable companies to provide instant feedback, update information, and let customers interact.

Forming A Marketing Campaign Based On Social Network Tools

The tools can help companies to form a more effective marketing campaign based on the information gathered from social networking tools. A company can develop the marketing campaign by:

Choosing a Social Media Platform

An effective marketing campaign starts with choosing a social media platform. A potential customer has to be able to find the company, so it is critical to make sure that the company can be found on the right platforms.

Setting the Company Goals

Social media campaign must be aligned with a business’s objectives. It is essential to have a solid plan that can be followed throughout the social media campaign.

Creating Content

A company must create engaging content with a clear call to action and a link. The content can help the customers to learn more about the business.

Communicating and Adjusting Frequently

A campaign that is not adjusted regularly may be ineffective. This means that the campaigns must frequently be updated and revised to keep pace with the changing needs of potential customers. Campaign updates include just using social media to share marketing content and create incentives for consumers to engage more.


Social media tools offer businesses a huge opportunity to improve their marketing campaigns. Using social media resources to develop a more effective marketing strategy. Companies can better understand their customers’ needs and learn how to provide them with more valuable services.

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