How Long Does a Magnetic Door Screen Last?

Magnetic Door Screen

Especially within the late summer and early fall months, many of us like to leave a door open to not only allow a nice, natural breeze to cool our homes, but to enjoy the tepid outside weather inside our houses. While this is all wonderful, this can allow bugs to enter our homes, wind to blow things around our houses, or even for animals or dirt to enter our living rooms. While this could completely deter you from enjoying the nice autumn air, a screen door for your home can be one of the best solutions to this problem. A magnetic screen for doors can be one of the simplest. But before you make such an investment, you may be asking, “how long does a magnetic door screen last?”

They Are Magnetic!

Perhaps one of the biggest positives of using a magnetic door screen in juxtaposition to other self-installed door screens is that they are magnetic. While you may have damage done to hardware on screen doors, or even errors occurring in sliding mechanisms, magnetic screen doors do not boast the same problem. The magnets on your screen door will be just as effective on day 1 as day 100, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the magnets.

Additionally, this magnetic open and close boasts a number of positives for you and your guests. Have you ever been in a rush, or tired, and accidentally walked face-first into your screen door, knocking it off the track and cursing yourself for managing to break it forever? Or, just as bad, walking through your screen door and tearing it in such a way that it no longer keeps bugs and insects out of your home? With a magnetic screen door, you don’t have to worry about causing this type of damage. If you walk into the screen door, it opens! No damage done, not even embarrassment.

This perk also allows your screen door to have hands-free capabilities. If you are carrying heavy items in and out of your house, are doing some grilling and need to access inside and outside quickly, then you don’t have to worry about having a free hand to open the door. You can quite literally walk right through it.

This also makes the screen door perfect for pets. If you want your dog to be able to walk into and out of your house (especially if you are potty training), and not have to worry about checking the door all the time, the magnetic function of the door makes it perfect!

Why Wouldn’t it Last Long?

Most screen doors lose their durability due to either cheap materials, or frequent damages. With a magnetic screen door, a number of these damages can be easily avoided because of the magnetic function. Bending, tearing, and falling into your screen door are all things that can be easily avoided, fairly extending the lifespan of your screen door.

There are, however, a few things to keep an eye out for to ensure that your magnetic door screen survives.

First, weather can damage these. Especially if you live in a location that has intense, cold winters, repeat freezing of your door screen in snow can cause mesh to crack or degrade. It doesn’t matter what type of screen you have, do this enough times, and it can damage your product. However, a great thing about magnetic screen doors is that you can roll them up, or even remove them in the winter months such that they are not under the duress of the season. This is a great way to make your product even longer lasting.

Second, these types of screens can be damaged by animals. Having a dog that fights and gnaws on your door screen certainly will cause damage. As with most things, the more damage you do to it, the more easily it will be damaged. Thus, if you purchase a magnetic door screen, it is important to ensure that your pets do not think it is a toy, and to keep animals from chewing on, or biting your screen door.

Lastly, putting intense tension on a door screen. Pulling on it, tugging on it, bracing yourself with it, etc., all have the potential to damage the product. If you keep these things from occurring, your door screen will last you a number of years.

Should I Get a Magnetic Door Screen?

If you are thinking about purchasing a magnetic door screen, they are a great option for many homes! These allow you hands free entry and exit, great dog training tools, and a simple solution that does not require a lot of installation. With a magnetic door screen, you no longer have to struggle with screen door tracks and accidents.

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