Fun88 Groundhog Harvest – a Fun & Colorful Autumn-themed Slot Game

Groundhog Harvest Fun88 is a game jointly developed by PG and Fun88. If you are a person who loves novelty, and fun and is passionate about hunting valuable rewards, this slot game cannot be ignored. The Wild Groundhog feature is sure to surprise you with its outstandingly high win rate. Come to the sharing about how the rats harvest the garden.

Fun88 Groundhog Harvest Reviews

Gameplay-wise, Fun88 Groundhog Harvest is entirely distinct from Fun88’s prior slot machines. Many bettors are extremely thrilled and eager to experience it due to the new breeze that it offers.

This game’s design aesthetic is adorable and enjoyable. When the product is ready for picking, farmers are always terrified of groundhogs. Instead, participants will take on the character of groundhogs and attempt to gather as many vegetables as they can.

The Fun88 Groundhog Harvest at Fun88 runs very smoothly overall. In comparison to other games, this one always has greater typical participation times. This demonstrates how effectively Fun88 Groundhog Harvest has fulfilled people’s requirements for entertainment while also having positive impacts.

Also highly regarded is Groundhog Harvest’s reputation for excellence and honesty. This brand-new item was made available by PG Soft and introduced by Fun88. In the realm of slot machines, this business has a stellar image. You can rest confident that there won’t be any legal issues, outcomes will be transparent, and deposits and withdrawals will be simple.

Introducing Video Slots and Icons

The foundation of Groundhog Harvest Fun88 is a modern 7-reel, 7-row slot game. Consequently, there will be 823543 different ways to succeed in this game. Never before has it been so simple to overcome the island with rodents.

You must spin for five successive images to appear on the reels in order to win. It is still permissible if they are vertically arranged. Following a victory, they will vanish and produce new emblems for the following round.

You will get acquainted with a total of 9 symbols in the Fun88 Groundhog Harvest game.

  • Onion: bonus value with a multiplier from 5 to 100.
  • Potato: bonus value with a multiplier from 5 to 100.
  • Green Apple: bonus value with a multiplier from 5 to 100.
  • Corn: bonus value with a multiplier from 6 to 150.
  • Grapes: bonus value with a multiplier from 6 to 150.
  • Carrot: bonus value with a multiplier from 6 to 150.
  • Bell peppers: This is the favorite dish of Groundhog rats, so the reward value is the highest. The lowest multiplier is 8, which increases by 5 to 10 units across the lines. The highest corresponds to 25 winning bet lines, you will receive a multiplier of x200 times your stake.

Speaking of multipliers, there are amusing mouse prompts so that players don’t have to keep track of these figures. The new wagering round’s basic multiplier is set by default to x1. The multiplier will rise by one if there are multiple lucky lines on the same roll.

Useful features of Fun88 Groundhog Harvest

Players can use the following two features to assist Groundhogs in harvesting.

Wild Groundhog – Unique feature

A Groundhog holding a Wild sign will catch your eye as soon as you glance at the primary screen. Randomly, it moves to the left, then to the right, sometimes above, sometimes below. Even if it moves during the primary rotation, it will always revert to its starting location.

If the Wild is included in any winning combo, the situation will alter. The mouse will then shift to the vacant area that was left by the symbols that self-destruct. The addition of Wild Groundhog provides players with a helpful extra safety net. It will be a powerful instrument that can swap out any sign and increase your chances of winning.

Free Spins – The Key to Big Wins in Every Slot Game

Similar to other games, obtaining 3 Wilds in Fun88 Groundhog Harvest will result in Free Spins. To be fair, you will get up to 8 spins due to the bigger sample collection. Another benefit is that at the beginning of the Free Spins, the primary play win multiplier will be kept and collected.

Before this cycle ends, the Wild will remain set. Additionally, if a +1/+2/+3 sign appears, the reels will revolve an additional 1/2/3 times.

How to play Groundhog Harvest Fun88

Access to สล็อตออนไลน์ Fun88 by following the latest and unblocked link provided by website After that, register an account and ฝากเงินFun88 .

You must first adjust the investment to reflect the intended amount in your wallet. The plus/minus symbols on either side of the Spin button make changing them quicker than using the wager choices.

To begin, click on the Spin button. To halt, add 1 more. It will automatically halt to determine the outcome after 5 seconds if you do not actively choose the time to stop.

To save time, you can use the Auto Spin function up to 100 times. You can press immediately on the primary screen in addition to halting the rotation.

FAQs about Fun88 Groundhog Harvest Slot Game

Q: How often can I win while playing Fun88 Groundhog Harvest?

A: Fun88 Groundhog Harvest is a 7-reel and 823543-ways slot machine. With a theoretical RTP of 96%, you will have plenty of opportunities to hit the jackpot. The game also includes unique features such as Wild Groundhog, multipliers, and an incidence bonus, which will help you increase your winning chances.

Q: Are there any special symbols in Fun88 Groundhog Harvest?

A: Yes, Fun88 Groundhog Harvest includes several special symbols such as Onion, Potato, Green Apple, Corn, Grapes, and Carrot with different multipliers ranging from x5 to 50000x. Additionally, Bell Peppers are the most rewarding symbols with a multiplier of x200 if you manage to hit 25 winning bet lines in one spin.


Groundhog Harvest Fun88 is the most rewarding slot game to experience in 2023. Join the Groundhogs to find food and win attractive bonuses today.

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