Fit after 50s and beyond

Fit after 50s and beyond

Age is but a number is a great tagline, but your body cells are running on a clock. With time, their ability to sustain wear and tear decreases. As they get old, their performance also becomes worse.

Amongst the systems that are most affected by age is the musculoskeletal system. Life after 50s might be remarked by degenerative changes that lead to aches and pains.

These can also cause issues with mobility and movement. There is also a greater risk of injuries that require treatment from an Orthopedic doctor in Lahore.

However, all is not so bleak. You can stay fit after your 50s, provided you are vested enough in your wellbeing. Making the correct lifestyle choices, especially with regards to your diet and exercise can help you in improving the symptoms of age-related chances that occur in the bones and the muscles.

Tips to stay fit after your 50s, and beyond

Make sure you are committed to making the change

For the most part, the efficacy of what you do is highly contingent on being consistent. You cannot expect your body to get fit if you are doing exercise on your whims.

So, make sure that no matter what you do, you are consistent with it. Remember, it is better that you be slow and consistent, rather than overambitious and irregular.

Give swimming a chance

For people who are not fond of sweating and high intensity workouts, swimming is an excellent choice. Since you do the exercise in water, you also get the benefit of resistance training.

Swimming is also easier on the joints. It helps in improving posture, ensuring lean and long muscles, improving circulation, improving heart and lung health.

Furthermore, swimming also builds endurance, all without making your sweaty and out of breath. You can also do different exercise in the pool, like jogging, marching, jumping, weightlifting, etc. as well.

Focus on your form

No matter what exercise to do, having the right form and posture is important. Otherwise, you might injure yourself or cause issues otherwise in the body.

Try yoga

Yoga is great for the mind and the body. Just because it does not cause you to huff, and puff does not mean that it is easy to do; yoga can be very challenging but very gratifying as well.

Alongside making your bones stronger and building lean muscle, yoga also aids in relaxation, so is great for mental health. It also helps in weight loss, toning, improved metabolic and heart rate.

Try to incorporate strength or resistance training

When you work against the gravity, your muscles have to work harder. This then helps in building leaner muscle, which then aids in making your bones stronger.

As with age issues like osteoporosis rear their head, having strong bones is imperative. So, make sure that you do add strength or resistance training to your exercise regimen.

To make sure that you are on a proper workout routine you can look into Fitness Planner Online software. This software allows you to manage your workout in a more organized way, making it easier to acquire your desired goals.

Some exercises you can try include walking, hiking, climbing, riding bicycle and lifting weights.

Stretching is vital

Stretching is great for improving your muscles’ range of motion. It also helps in warming them up before exercise. Alongside relaxing the muscle, stretching also aids in preventing injuries.

You can stretch your muscles anytime but doing so in the morning can help you have a more comfortable time doing the everyday activities. Once before bed is also great for relaxing prior to bedtime.

Visiting your doctor

Some people might be suffering from health issues, in which case some forms of exercises might be off limits. So, for in such cases, it is best that you confer with your doctor first.

Moreover, try to be careful throughout the journey. Make sure that you wear the correct garb and shoes. Do not overstretch yourself, as it increases the risk of injuries that might then require the intervention of a doctor. Also, if you do run into injuries, visit an emergency facility like that at Fatima Memorial Hospital for a checkup, lest it turns serious.

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