Facebook to Add Discord-Like Audio Chat Rooms Soon

Facebook plans to soon enhance audio chat in Groups. The social media behemoth has begun experimenting with voice channels for Facebook Groups that resemble Discord and allow anyone to join a session without making a call. The information was revealed in a recent Facebook blog post.

Although Facebook already offers voice chat options for groups in rooms, these are only available for sporadic audio conversations. However, the social media platform is currently testing a dedicated area where group members can communicate with one another at any time, much like Discord.

Facebook to Add Discord-Like Audio Chat Rooms Soon

This is just one of the modifications Facebook is testing right now. Additionally, Meta’s social network is testing various channels that will function as Facebook Groups’ sub-groups and let users talk about particular subjects. Additionally, there will be channels for community conversation that will categorise group message threads according to themes pertinent to the group.

A new sidebar that will make it simple to access all of your groups and create new channels with shortcuts is also being tested by Facebook. You can designate areas inside a group for specific topics using community feed channels.

Facebook intends to roll out these modifications gradually over time, but these features are currently under testing and won’t be accessible to the general public for some time.

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