Bonus Round Named After Zeus, the God of Free Spins on Major Playground Toto


At the very least, that’s how it seemed to us 메이저놀이터when we were composing our evaluation of the Take Olympus online slot machine. There is one aspect of the Cycle of Gods’ function that we would want to see modified. The game is played with the same ambient music playing the whole time. In this regard, Betsoft passed up a golden chance.

It would have been possible for them to compose unique background music for each level of Cycle of Gods. That would have brought the characters to life and made each level stand out more than they already did.


This is especially true concerning the backdrop of the메이저놀이터 underworld. Even though it has a sinister appearance, it is difficult to feel threatened when upbeat music with dazzling lights is playing in the background.

Aside from this rather little flaw, the Cycle of Gods bonus feature in the Take Olympus online casino slot game is a great approach to keep players amused and assist them in winning several times while playing the game.

The sign of Zeus atop Mount Olympus

Because Zeus serves as the wild symbol for the Take Olympus slot machine, you should feel excitement whenever he appears on the screen.

When Zeus triggers the feature that awards free spins, that is when the real fun begins. To put it into action, you will need both of these items.

You need to land at least one symbol depicting the face of each deity on the reels.

The Zeus symbol must be a stacked symbol that fills all four positions on the reels for it to be valid.

In the event that you are successful in obtaining these two objects, Zeus will assume control of the reels. After that, you will receive 10 free turns without having to do anything.

Because it is tough to get all five gods to appear on the reels simultaneously, it could take some time before the free spins feature is triggered. While testing the game for this Take Olympus slot review, we had a lot of trouble doing this task.

However, if you are fortunate enough to win free spins, it will be worth it since they are different from any other free spins you have ever won. Instead, they are bursting to the seams with added features like Take Olympus.

During each of your free spins, Zeus will assume the authority of one of the other gods. For instance, when he assumes the abilities of Apollo or Aphrodite, he will provide at least five wild or mystery symbols.

Zeus will select a random multiplier for Hades, and he will select an arbitrary amount of re-spins for Poseidon.

The total amount of free spins is capped at ten, but you shouldn’t let that deter you too much because each free spin is CERTAINLY going to come with a bonus feature attached to it. This includes any re-spins that Poseidon gives.

This free spins feature incorporates all the other elements available in Cycle of Gods. A single slot machine offers as many lucrative extra features and possibilities to make money. This is quite an impressive achievement.

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