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The vast majority of video poker games are merely variants of Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild; Aces & Faces video poker is no exception; in fact, it derives a significant portion of its gameplay from Jacks or Better. The bonus payouts토토사이트 offered on four of a kind are one aspect that sets Aces and Faces apart from other types of video poker games. These bonus payouts apply to any four-of-a-kind combination made up of aces or face cards (the jack, queen, or king).

This page provides an overview of the fundamentals involved in playing this video poker game. In addition, we have provided some information on the payouts returned by this game, as well as the typical payback percentages you can anticipate receiving. We offer guidance on the most effective strategies to assist you in achieving the highest return possible.

A Guide to Playing the Video Poker Game Aces and Faces

Playing Aces & Faces video poker is very similar토토사이트 to other types of games, such as Jacks or Better. After you have inserted your money, the machine will show you your available credits. After that, you choose the amount you want to wager on each hand (1 to 5 credits). The next step is to hit the “deal” button.

You are dealt a five-card hand from a standard 52-card deck that does not include jokers. After that, you can choose which cards to keep and which to eliminate. You are free to keep (or get rid of) any cards ranging from one to five.


In every scenario you will be presented with, a single action constitutes the mathematically best course of action to take based on what is expected of you the most. In the section on a strategy that follows, you’ll find more in-depth coverage of that topic.

You will be given replacement cards once you have discarded the cards that you do not want to keep. After that, you will receive a payout determined by the quality of the poker hand you have been dealt. This game does not include any wild cards at all.

One piece of strategic advice that we can give you right off the bat is that you should always play for five coins per hand. If you play for fewer than five coins, the payout for the best possible hand in the game (the royal flush) is 500 to 1. However, if you place the maximum bet of five coins, the payout for the royal flush is 800 to 1. This hand only comes up sometimes, but it significantly impacts the payback percentage you receive.

Tables of Payouts for Aces and Faces

There are numerous variants of Aces & Faces video poker, each of which can be played with a unique pay table. This is standard practice for all types of video poker. While the payout for certain hands can change from one game to the next, the payout for others remains the same. You will achieve the highest possible payback percentage if you can identify the pay table that offers the best payouts.

This game’s 8/5 Aces & Faces variation is the best one to be played.

The payouts for a full house and a flush are 8 to 5, respectively. When video poker manufacturers want to adjust the payback percentage for this game, those are the two hands where they change the payouts. This is similar to what happens with Jack or Better.

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