8 Home Decor Items That Are Actually Worth Spending

Putting a deposit down on a home or apartments for rent in richmond va (not to mention all of the monthly fees to follow) can make a huge impact in your bank account. It can be tempting to skimp on acquiring home decor tips to decorate the house, especially when you throw in many rooms and routine updates to stay up with trend and lifestyle changes.

Of course, there are areas where you can cut back, particularly where the difference in quality isn’t as vast or the things aren’t thought important for the long run. That said, experts emphasize certain products are worth the expenditure, boosting your quality of life and paying off (or even increasing in value) over time. After all, a beautiful piece of artwork has the power to alter a space and transcend time, and a well-made lighting fixture can elevate a room and establish the tone.

From minor, yet effective trims to huge furniture pieces (there’s one that keeps popping up above all others), read on for the nine home decor items interior designers says are the best investment. You won’t regret investing on these pieces. You don’t need to worry about breaking the bank as we offer affordable rates on every type of deck cleaning Charleston SC clients need!

1. Art

8 Home Decor Items That Are Actually Worth Spending

Artwork is frequently the center point of a room and a reflection of the homeowner, making it an important purchase. Plus, some objects will hold or collect value throughout the years.

“It aesthetically takes your eye through the room and adds your personality to the area,” explains Tamara Day, an interior designer and host of HGTV’s Bargain Mansions. “Artwork can be entertaining and quirky or refined and peaceful. It can be a scenery that brings you back to your favorite spot or an abstract art that stimulates joy. An fascinating artwork can also make for a wonderful conversation with guests!”

The day is also a great fan of wallpaper. “It adds warmth, and if you pick the correct pattern, may make for a dramatic and startling moment, or produce a relaxing effect,” she explains. She’s currently adoring this Aster pattern. “It provides flare and drama, as well as texture, while still being gentle and graceful.”

2. Vintage Rugs

8 Home Decor Items That Are Actually Worth Spending

For another visual anchor point, don’t neglect the floor, suggests Patrick Ediger, an interior designer in Los Angeles. “Gorgeous old rugs from Morocco, India, and the Middle East have always been a fantastic source of inspiration. There’s no better way to give a space some personality and bring it to life than with a beautiful vintage handcrafted wool rug,” he explains.

He recommends checking out the assortment of rugs from Southern Loom or Loloi. “As long as you maintain and care for them, they’ll last lifetimes as both a good investment and a beautiful keepsake to pass down through generations.”

“Good friends of mine with children always choose for vintage when they can, because they hold up well to high foot traffic and rough playtime,” adds Karina Lameraner, a creative stylist at online interior design service Modsy. “Each vintage rug is unique and one-of-a-kind. I definitely recommend searching Etsy for interesting vintage discoveries.”

3. Lighting

8 Home Decor Items That Are Actually Worth Spending

For good atmosphere and a bit of elegance, consider investing on a stunning light fixture, which Day refers to as the perfect piece of jewelry to cap off your area. “A fixture indicates that you put thought and creativity into every inch, and the lighting in your space establishes the tone, from bright and happy to dark and somber,” she continues.

Day proposes adding depth with an eclectic mix of lights and diverse finishes. “I have these wall lights in front of my house, this bright chandelier in my doorway, and this linear chandelier in my dining room.”

4. Lampshades

8 Home Decor Items That Are Actually Worth Spending

Speaking of illumination, don’t underestimate the power of lampshades. “They are always a dead giveaway because their construction is usually poor and obvious when a lamp is turned on. I enjoy upleveling ordinary lights with a beautiful shade that feels elevated and complementary to the lamp itself,” adds Lameraner. “We’re currently seeing a comeback in pleated lampshades, which were first popularized in Danish designs in the 1950s. They ignite a little of a throwback flair today. Additionally, sloping lampshades are making a huge comeback. The sloped-type lampshade was a trademark of the ’80s home design trend.”

5. Window Treatments

8 Home Decor Items That Are Actually Worth Spending

According to Alena Capra, an interior designer and host of SoFlo Home Project, nothing improves a room like bespoke window treatments. “Whether it’s transparent drapery panels, a valance or cornice, blackout drapes, roman shades, or roller shades, having correctly sized window treatments provides for such a fitted effect,” she says. “They also help block sun glare, limit light from flowing into sleeping quarters, and enhance value to a home, making them a positive when it comes to resale.”

If you don’t want to make a huge purchase at once, Capra recommends starting with the main living area and bedrooms. “These roller blinds from The Shade Store and Smith & Noble offer a clean look. You can even place draperies in front should you want to embellish them using fabric.”

6. Mattresses

8 Home Decor Items That Are Actually Worth Spending

We’ve said it before: You can’t put a price tag on a good night’s sleep (although, as Capra points out, we spend about a third of our lives in bed) (and, as Capra points out, we spend about a third of our lives in bed). “The decorative style of an actual bed frame and headboard may vary constantly, but a decent quality mattress will never go out of style! If you do not enjoy shopping for furniture, at least invest the shopping time (and money) on a great mattress. It will be well spent!” she says. Her personal choices include this hybrid mattress from Mattress Firm, which comes with a 10-year warranty. Sleep-savvy firms like Casper also offer risk-free trials so you may sample before you buy.

“I can’t think of a better item to indulge on. Let the bedding be the trendier pieces. A duvet and throw pillows and blankets are easily changed and considerably more economical” adds Taniya Nayak of Taniya Nayak Design, who suggests these options from Saatva and W Hotels.

7. Sheets and Towels

8 Home Decor Items That Are Actually Worth Spending

Splurge on a set of quality linens to protect your mattress and boost your snooze potential, recommends Maggie York, an interior designer and proprietor of Margaret of York Interiors. “I love the No Iron Supima Sheets from Lands’ End, the Soho Sheet Set from Serena & Lily, or this cotton set from Laura Ashley!”

She thinks nice towels another requirement when it comes to everyday comfort. “It’s crucial to do your research. You want a towel that gets softer with each wash—not rougher. Add a design element with a monogram or unexpected flash of colour,” she says. Her current favourites include this Weezie beginning set, which features a variety of piping options and is fully customizable via embroidery.

8. Sofas

8 Home Decor Items That Are Actually Worth Spending

Additionally, avoid sleeping (at least figuratively) on the sofa, as Capra says that it is often the most abused piece of furniture. Not only will the sofa be the place where you spend hours watching TV and socialising with your family, but it will also last for many years if you choose the appropriate one. “A sofa is expected to endure between seven and fifteen years on average, but a well-made item can frequently survive even longer,” she says. For depth, she like the RH Maxwell Three-Seat Cushion Sofa and the Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams Hunter Sofa.

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