7 Pro Tips For Batting

Each trainee aspires to be a world-class cricketer. As a novice, here are some tips and tactics to help you become proficient in sports. Bowling, batting, and fielding are the three most critical aspects of cricket. If you want to be a great hitter, the following cricket batting tips will help you:

1. Standing on one side

Always maintain a shoulder-width distance between your feet when facing the bowler. Bend your body at the hips while maintaining a straight back. When you’re ready to bat, angle your non-dominant shoulder toward the bowler, keeping your eyes on the ball. Your shoulders should never be lowered and should remain level with your eyes at all times. If you are right-handed, you should stand on the right side of the stump; if you are left-handed, you should stand on the left side.

2. Retain the bat

7 Pro Tips For Batting
Always maintain a firm grip on your bat. If you are right-handed, position your left hand on top of your right hand and grip the bat with two fingers and your thumb. Your thumb and forefinger should be in a comfortable posture with a firm grip. For left-handed batsman, the converse is true. Maintain a comfortable grip on the bat paddle by keeping your hands close together.

3. Bat-to-stump distance

7 Pro Tips For Batting
From the middle wicket, draw a line to your field. This will assist you in determining the location of your wicket when batting. Using the end of your bat, draw a line parallel to the middle wicket. This is referred to as the guard line. If you practice indoors, mark guard lines using tape.

4. Gently tap the bat against the ground line.

7 Pro Tips For Batting
By tapping the guard line, you are signaling the bowler that you are ready to bat. Avoid tapping the ground excessively hard. Straighten your bat to the maximum extent possible in order to retain your body form.

5. Reverse Momentum Swing

When the ball is approaching you and you must strike it, always keep your lead leg forward and your bat back for speed. When you lift your bat into the air, it should aim directly upward and reach your back shoulder. Proceed to strike if the ball is low; if it is high, step the chalkboard. As you elevate your bat to strike the ball, ensure that your forearm lines up with your shoulders.

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6. Keep your eyes on the ball

Eye on the ball | Reuters.com
Keep an eye on the ball at all times. If you wait until the ball is thrown, you may determine the location in which you should strike the ball. Consider the shot you will take as soon as the ball approaches you. If the ball is pitched in an ideal spot, you can drive and attempt a long shot; however, if the ball is pitched too high or too low, you must take a defensive shot. This is a critical cricket batting technique for newbies to remember and practise.

7. Make a downward swing with the bat.

Push your bat down to hit the ball after it bounces. Bring your lead leg forward and face the bowler with your elbow. Utilize your bat to strike the ball as frequently as feasible. Straight drive is the most often used cricket batting technique.

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