5 Simple Strategies For B2B Video Marketing

B2B Video Marketing

As a business owner in the B2B industry, your success depends on how well you promote your brand to your clientele.

A successful video marketing strategy generates leads and delivers the highest ROI. So, what are the strategies that ensure a successful B2B video marketing campaign, and is your business prepared to implement them? 

With multiple platforms available online, creating a winning B2B video is not as difficult as you’d think. If you understand your clientele and follow the right strategy, you can improve brand visibility and enjoy higher revenues. 

More and more businesses are finding videos to be an attractive marketing option compared to written content. To that end, here are five ways in which you can generate the highest ROI from your video marketing campaign.

How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Campaign in 2022

To attract your target clientele, you need to create a video that tells an interesting story. The following strategies could give you the winning edge:

1. Focus on the Content

Lots of B2B videos are being launched lately, so how do you ensure your video grabs the attention of your client base?

Simple, create content that is unique and can be easily shared. It’s not what you use in your video; it’s how it all comes together and makes your video go viral!

Companies must first have a significant ‘video recall’ before they have a ‘brand recall.’ Once they can recall the video, they can connect the brand to the video. This two-way impact has a longer effect on them, and your brand gets the visibility it wants to achieve. 

The idea in your video is what matters, so video quality reigns high.

2. Select the Right Platform

Depending on the industry you’re in, there are specific social media platforms that generate the highest ROI. There are several platforms to choose from, like YouTube and LinkedIn, but choosing the right one is vital. 

So which is the best platform for your brand? You should invest in the platform your target audience visits frequently and spends most of their time on. Quality content combined with the right platform gives you the best results. 

Most businesses make decisions after watching such videos, which is why videos ensure the highest conversions and revenues. Further, if you want to use videos in email marketing, make sure you personalize the content to ensure they grab the client’s attention.

3. Create Videos that are Short and Funny

Whether it is CEOs or Millenials, everyone loves videos that are fun to watch. The formal language might no longer be considered popular in the content space. Young CEOs want unique and relatable content. 

Attention spans are also dwindling, so keep your video short. A successful video will be funny, short, and convey the right message to the target audience. The ideal length for a B2B video would be less than 2 minutes. 

Many video-making platforms let you create stunning videos in less than 5 minutes. You can choose from a wide variety of templates, music, and animation or create your own video from scratch. Remember, you have less than 2 minutes to convert the client into a lifetime patron. 

4. Ensure Your Video Has Compelling Storytelling

Whether it’s a DIY or explainer video, senior executives are looking for an entertaining story to stay hooked throughout the video. A B2B video should get your audience excited about its content, not just inform them about what product or service you want to sell. 

Videos with a well-crafted story have a higher chance of being watched until the end. Only then can the call-to-action element in your video influence customers to buy your product. Hence, whatever type of video you decide to make, have a great story to tell. 

Omit any sections of your video that do not add value to the final product with clever video editing techniques. The results of a well-crafted video with a compelling story are amazing!

5. Ensure the Content is Relatable and Shareable

For a wider reach, it’s important that you promote your video on multiple social media platforms. Using the right SEO tactics, your video will get the attention it deserves, whether it’s on Facebook or LinkedIn.

When your brand gets the visibility it requires on different social media platforms, your website draws higher traffic.

The theme or message of all your videos must be in sync for optimal results. If the audience has difficulty relating to videos on different platforms, they will lose interest and leave. 

Steps to Follow for Successful Video Marketing

If you’re wondering how to get started, follow the steps mentioned below to design a successful video marketing campaign:

1. Identify Your Goal

First, decide why you are making this B2B video. Are you trying to generate awareness or convert a client who is already aware of your product/services? The greater the clarity, the higher the success rate.

2. Have an Effective Budget 

Cost and impact are two considerations when deciding on a budget. Hire an external agency if you get better results than in-house marketing. Use your resources wisely to get optimal returns.

3. Choose the Type of Video

The video format you choose would depend on your requirements. The most popular video formats include explainer videos, testimonial videos, and brand awareness videos.

4. Choose the Best Platform

Your platform would depend on your goal and video format. Company websites and YouTube are ideal for explainer videos. For social media and websites, use testimonial videos.

5. Create the Video

You could create the video content in-house or hire a professional production house.

6. Know Your Social Media Platforms

Every social media platform has certain rules for posting, and you need to keep them in mind when launching your video. Before you post your video, check the contents of your video and make the required modifications to ensure superior quality.

7. Ensure Wider Promotion

Once your video achieves its desired success on one social media platform, launch it on other platforms in a similar way to get a wider reach and higher conversions.

8. Analyze Performance

The goal of your B2B video marketing is to get a good ROI, so you need to monitor the analytics to analyze the performance of your videos. The metrics and key performance indicators are critical here and must be tracked on a regular basis. 


With the strategies discussed here, you can take your business to the next level by leveraging B2B video marketing. Create your winning video using the free tools available on different online video creation platforms, and watch your revenues soar!

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