5 Secret Car Detailing Tips You Can Start Doing on Your Own

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Most car owners would say that they wash their cars often. However, surface cleaning alone is not enough to maintain your car’s fresh look.

That’s why car detailing services are available; an in-depth cleaning of the car that involves getting into the nooks and crannies of the interior and polishing the exterior to look brand new.

Although car detailing helps keep the auto in great condition and maintains its value, most people go without it due to its cost.

If the extra expenses are what’s keeping you from going the extra mile to take care of your car, we bring you 5 secret detailing tips you can start doing on your own.

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1 – Rinse Before You Wash

Most DIY car owners tend to start their wash by rubbing a soaked sponge on the vehicle and lathering the body with soap.

But that can abrase the paintwork and cause damage to the car’s exterior because of the dirt particles causing erosion.

To avoid that, you simply need to start by rinsing your car with some water before you lather it with car shampoo. That way, all dirt, and other crumbs fall gently off the car without harming the bodywork.

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2 – Wash the Car When It’s Cooled Down

Many people would choose a sunny day to give their car a thorough cleaning, and while that is totally justified, you shouldn’t be washing your car in direct sunlight where the body is heated.

Instead, you should park your car in the shade when you want to work on it and wait until it’s cooled down; otherwise, the water will evaporate too quickly before you get to dry it and will leave stains.

Even though water spots may seem harmless, anyone who has tried to clean them off their car knows otherwise.

Water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, and when it dries, it can bond with the car’s surface and corrode its clear coating.

3 – Switch to Microfiber

Many options are available in the market when it comes to cleaning cloths and most car owners who prefer to do things themselves opt to use chamois leather or cotton towels.

These types of cloths are good, but they still risk leaving scratches on the car’s surface because they grab dirt and rub it on the paint.

A better choice would be to use microfiber cloths. The synthetic fiber grabs at the dirt, protecting the automobile’s surface while having excellent absorbency.

4 – Leave the Carpets Until the End

When it comes to cleaning the vehicle’s interior, most people start with the floor since it’s the dirtiest part, and they can’t wait to get to it.

That said, starting at the bottom may not be the wisest decision, as you still have to clean the seats, dashboard, center console, and everything else that will leave your floor dirty again.

Instead, leave the floorwork until the end; that way, you will be cleaning it only once, and it will be way more satisfying to vacuum everything altogether after all the debris has landed on the carpets.

5 – Clean Up the Vents

New cars have this distinct smell to them that most car owners would probably admit to trying to bring it back. 

From using air fresheners to more fancy alternatives like diffusers, you might be overlooking one easy way to get that brand-new smell back, and that is cleaning up the vents.

Using a can of compressed air, you can loosen all lodged dirt in the AC lines and remove all dust on the exterior.

After cleaning with pressurized air, turn on the AC to flush out all the moisture and loosened accumulated dirt, and you will definitely notice the difference in smell.

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