5 Mobile Apps which Can Help You to Quit Smoking

If you’re one of the world’s 1.1 billion smokers, you understand how difficult it is to quit. Fortunately, your iPhone can be one of the most effective tools for quitting smoking.

Whether you began smoking by snatching a pack from your father, being offered one at a party, or simply out of curiosity, it can easily develop into a regular habit. If you are a current smoker, one of the healthiest actions you can make is to quit. While smokers in the past had to make do with a book or their own willpower, the appropriate iPhone app can make the process of quitting far easier.

Here are our top five iPhone applications for quitting smoking for good.

1. Smoke Free

One of Smoke-Free’s most compelling selling aspects is its visual appeal. You’ll immediately receive a significant indicator of your progress, charting the length of time you’ve been smoke-free and how your health has improved thus far.

Smoke-Free’s objectives are daily tasks designed to assist you in quitting. They’re designed to motivate and educate you about the benefits of quitting smoking. They begin up to one week before you stop. They can include journaling, conducting research, and providing you with ideas to help you succeed.

Additionally, there is an integrated diary where you can document your quitting journey. Writing and journaling can aid in the management of cravings by allowing you to express your emotions, organize your thoughts, and keep track of your progress. Additionally, Smoke-Free has social media integration. You can share your accomplishments on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; just avoid oversharing on social media.

Premium features include increased daily assignments, access to a chatbot, and the ability to earn additional badges and accomplishments.

2. QuitNow!

While some have criticized smartphone apps for continuing to gamify our daily lives, they can also be a force for good. QuitNow! attempts to transform smoking cessation into a game that you can win. As you proceed on your path to becoming smoke-free, you’ll win incentives for achieving significant milestones such as money saved and days spent smoke-free. If you’re the type of person who enjoys collecting achievements while playing video games, then QuitNow! is for you.

QuitNow! makes use of social media addiction to assist you in quitting. You can add a photo, mention someone, and speak with other individuals worldwide who are in the process of quitting on a Twitter-like bulletin board. With an in-app purchase, you can disable QuitNowadvertisements, !’s unlock more achievements, and have access to other social features.

3. Kwit

While the majority of applications designed to assist you in quitting smoking assume you’ve already extinguished your last cigarette, Kwit takes a different approach. When you initially launch the app, Kwit will question if you have already quit smoking or are preparing to quit. If you’re ready to quit smoking but haven’t yet taken the plunge, Kwit will guide you through a nine-step program that will educate you and kick-start your journey to smoke-free living.

The steps include exercises that emphasize why you smoke, smoking myths and alternate behaviors to practice instead of smoking a cigarette.

If you’ve already smoked your last cigarette and are in need of motivation to continue, Kwit can assist you. As with other smoking cessation apps, Kwit keeps track of health metrics such as your decreased risk of heart attack and the amount of carbon monoxide your lungs have avoided.

Kwit will also keep track of targets you may have overlooked. If you’re ecologically conscious, Kwit can track how much water you’ve saved from being utilised in tobacco manufacturing or how much CO2 you’ve avoided releasing into the atmosphere by quitting smoking. Kwit is ad-free and offers a seven-day free trial, but you will need to purchase a subscription to access all steps and features.

4. MyQuit Coach

If you’re searching for a simple way to stop smoking, check out LIVESTRONG’s MyQuit Coach. When you first use the app, you’ll be prompted to enter your smoking habits and pack price. MyQuit Coach will then measure how many smokes you’ve avoided and how much money you’ve saved.

If you have an urge to smoke, pressing the I’m Craving button will send you a brief motivating message to help you stay on track. Messages may include affirmations reassuring you that you are not alone on this journey, information about the numerous health benefits of quitting, and other reasons to persevere.

While anyone can identify reasons to quit smoking, it also helps to know that others are experiencing the same difficulties. Fortunately, the app’s integrated social features include a message board where you may share your accomplishments and experiences, as well as offer support to other quitters on their journey to smoke freedom.

Even better, MyQuit Coach is entirely free. You’ll have full access to the app’s benefits and features without making any purchases or subscribing to anything.

5. Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking can help you keep track of the time you spend without smokes and the money you save, while also providing specialized assistance for when you do experience cravings.

Unlike most apps, Quit Smoking caters to each individual’s unique reason for quitting. While numerous applications can assist you in tracking the money you’ve saved by quitting smoking, Quit Smoking allows you to create your own specific financial goals. Therefore, whether you’re saving for a new wardrobe, a new phone, or a new automobile, Quit Smoking can help you keep track of the progress you’re making toward your goals by quitting cigarettes.

While many apps provide broad guidance on what to do when they want to smoke strikes, Quit Smoking includes particular scenarios and tips for when cravings may arise. For instance, if you’re at a party or bar and have the temptation to smoke, Quit Smoking’s guide can provide you with advice on how to overcome urges. Advice such as trying a new drink or moving away from areas where people smoke can assist you in remaining smoke-free.

To unlock all of Quit Smoking’s situations, suggestions, and a 100-day smoking cessation programme, an in-app purchase is required.

Final Words

Bear in mind that making a firm commitment to quit smoking is the first step toward a significantly healthier life. Regardless of which software or service you use, quitting smoking is not simple, and stopping for good requires a life-long commitment.

Having the appropriate resources and assistance can assist you in quitting tobacco. Quitting is possible regardless of who you are.

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