5 features that make laminate a perfect surfacing solution


Residential and commercial settings invite wide applications from decorative laminates because these sheets offer many benefits over other surfacing solutions, such as wood, marble, granite, ceramic tiles, wallpaper, and paints. They are arguably one of the most versatile surfacing materials the market offers. Apart from being aesthetic and affordable, laminate sheets are durable as well. For these reasons, they have become prevalent among creative interior designers and modern homeowners.

Unlike natural wood and marble, which fall heavy in the pocket and limit your design choices, decorative laminates are available in countless colours, designs, patterns, and textures, all of which are elegant. The manufacturing process of laminates ensures that the end product is enduring enough to last long. We specialize in cement siding Charleston residents need, further restoring the appearance of your siding.

If what is said above makes sense, you must look for a prominent laminate manufacturer in India when planning to design your home or office. One such manufacturer is Royale Touche which offers the most sought-after range of decorative laminates. Royale Touche laminates are superior in quality. Plus, they promise long-lasting shine and matchless aesthetics. Here are five features that make laminate a perfect surfacing solution:

1.Easy on the pocket

The budget can make or break the deal. When you hit the market to purchase surfacing solutions for your home or office, the variety of materials might lure you and sometimes leave you overwhelmed. But, everything you like does not necessarily fall within your budget, and you are bound to switch to less expensive alternatives. However, if you choose decorative laminates, the budget will not be a constraint to restrict your choice. That is because laminate sheets are affordable and are less costly to install. So, if you have a moderate budget, there could be no better surfacing solution than lami design you have in mind, bringing home the coveted luxury.

2.Unmatched aesthetics

No other surfacing material is as aesthetic as laminates. Whether you choose high-pressure laminates or low-pressure, they look equally graceful and classy. These decorative sheets give you countless designs, textures, patterns, and colour choices. As for their finishes, they are primarily available in glossy and matte-finish variants. High-gloss laminates have a shiny surface and are preferable for spaces requiring a touch of added glamor and extravagance. Contrariwise this, matte-finish laminates feature a non-shiny appearance and can make the ambiance feel more soothing and muted. They add richness to the space, taking the interior decor to the next level. With them, you may create any

3.Pre-finishing notes

Unlike paints that require multiple coatings to achieve the desired finish, decorative laminates are pre-finished products. Similarly, if you choose to install wood or stones in the interior design, you may need to polish them after application, for which you have to pay extra costs. With laminate designs, you do not have to worry about finishing details. Plus, they are easy to install and save you time and labour. For projects with tight deadlines, laminate sheets are the perfect surfacing solutions. All you have to do is select a laminate design that fits your décor idea and interior style.

4.Low maintenance

Whether you opt for high-pressure laminates or low-pressure, maintaining them is super easy. Yes, decorative laminates are a low-maintenance surfacing material with stain-resistance and antibacterial properties. That is another reason behind their increasing popularity. Nothing but regular dusting and occasional wipes would be sufficient to keep laminates clean and hygienic. With them installed, you do not need to follow a rigorous maintenance regimen. It also saves you from having to invest in different cleaning solutions.


Laminate sheets are highly durable and resistant to heat, moisture, and wear and tear. Once installed, you do not need to worry about renewing the surface every now and then as with paints. And if you purchase them from a renowned laminate manufacturer in India, such as Royale Touche, they promise added durability. To sum up, Royale Touche laminates could be your go-to choice if you are a luxury seeker desiring a little bit of extra durability with the surfacing material.

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