5 Cannabis Strains Creative People Should Know 

The connection between cannabis and creativity is often considered exquisite and polarized simultaneously. Perhaps cannabis can be a unique yet inspiring tool, particularly for the artists who wish to calm their minds along with a peak experience.

However, it can also act adversely in those cases when the user over-consumes it or chooses to go with the wrong strain towards your escape of creative voyage.  

You must know that various cannabinoid combinations can impact creativity and energy levels. However, it can be the user’s personal preference to choose a strain to enhance creativity.

In this guide, we will be determining which strain can be a perfect match for you that not only turns on your creative side but also enhance your focus and imagination along with empathetic understanding.  

5 Cannabis Strains-Boon for Creative People  

Jack Herer (THC: 17-23% / CBD: 1%) 

Jack Herer is often considered a classic strain that got its namesake from the renowned cannabis rights activist “Jack Herer.” Additionally, this is an award-winning strain that falls under the category of the Sativa-dominant breed and tends to deliver cerebral and high physical effects. However, the overall results are soothing, and perfect for a creative mindset. Anyone who would like to expand their creative side can choose this strain.  

Users have indicated that this strain contains a fruity and peppery taste along with a mellow buzz that will help you to stay focused and sober.

Furthermore, Jack Herer will offer you the best of both worlds since it will provide you with a cerebral kick that will help you to transform your creative ideas into reality.  

Chemdawg (THC: 15-20% / CBD: 14.5%) 

 Another incredible strain can be described as a 50:50 hybrid of Indica and Sativa -Chamdawg is one of the potent cannabis strains with average THC levels (between 15-20%).

Such strain is mainly preferred by seasoned consumers seeking to uplift inspiration. Even though, Chemdawg is considered one of the best strains to enhance creativity.

However, this strain is not for beginners since it can be overwhelming, especially in the starting. That said, after the dust clear, you can expect to see yourself in another refreshed and imaginative world.  

The og kush carts comprise a perfect Indica-dominant hybrid strain, which is even more potent than other available strains and can offer you some fabulous creative outer space. 

Super Lemon Cake THC (25% / CBD: 2%) 

Super lemon cake is a pure Sativa-dominant hybrid often preferred for delivering a powerful energy boost that transforms into a creative, mellow buzz. In fact, it’s few puffs can make you feel euphoric, cheerful, and focused at the same time.

When it comes to its flavor, it holds a very refreshing and tangy flavor profile and can be distinguished by its toothsome, transparent buds that have bright yellow color along with a bright orange pistil. 

Moreover, if you are facing issues coming up, the super lemon cake is one of those strains that will help you brainstorm while reinforcing a large number of creative ideas. Uplifting mood and creativity are all associated with this incredible strain-super lemon cake.  

Sour Diesel (20.165% CBD and 0.094% Delta-9 THC) 

Sour Diesel is one of the famous Sativa strains, and it is a cross between a Super Silver Haze with the famous Sour Diesel. It is usually characterized by its pleasing euphoria along with its delicious, powerful citrusy smell. On the other hand, this strain only uplifts your mood but also encourages overall brain activity.  

When you enjoy this strain at a party with your friends, you might feel chatty. Whereas, in those cases, when you are sitting alone, you may feel inspired and open up the door for some creative ideas. This makes sour diesel an excellent option for creative types. You can also check the top blog for more information.  

AK-47(22% Delta-9 THC and 20.165% CBD) 

 AK-47 gets its namesake from the most renowned rifle, and of course, it has nothing to do with the violence. Such kind of strain holds its origin in Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani descent. In addition, it also contains high levels; of THC that won’t leave you overboard; however, the few puffs will make you feel relaxed, expand your inventiveness and enable you to come up with something creative.

So, in case of stress is something bothering you from flowing freely, opt for an AK-47 and clear your head.  

It’s worth knowing that Ak-47 belongs to an indica breed and holds a ratio of 65:35 and tends to be a combination of Colombia, Mexican and Thai. For more details, you can also check news blog. 


Above listed flower bud strains are the best ways to enhance creativity. However, Ak-47 and Sour Diesel are the most potent strains that newbie users should consider before taking them because of their high THC potency levels. Whereas super lemon cake and chemdawg hold average THC levels, a newbie and experienced user can try. Besides that, both strains also have a delicious taste and delicate odor, which can even work out for picky users. Lastly, Jack Herer is an award-winning strain Sativa-dominant breed and tends to deliver cerebral and soothing effects perfect way to enhance creativity level.  


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